Guipago “Lone Wolf”


Guipago first came to me about two and a half years ago. Like most other spirits or energies that come to me, his showing up came at a most unusual time. Actually, I don’t even know why I bother to say that spirits come to me at strange times — because after having thinking it over, is there really a “good or proper” time for a spirit to make themselves known? I mean really, it isn’t like they call or email me and schedule a time to meet me for dinner or take me out for a drink.

Guipago came to me while I was typing an email to a newly formed acquaintance. I was sitting at my computer typing away when I felt the sensation of someone standing next to me. I wasn’t sure who this person was — or why he came at that particular moment — so like with any other encounters I have, I simply asked him who he was.

The beginning of our conversation didn’t really go “very groovy-like” as he was being really withdrawn, a bit stubborn and not really saying much. When he did finally begin talking, I immediately noticed that his speech was very slow, deliberate and peppered with sarcasm of the likes you don’t often see. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at almost his every word — in short — this guy was really funny and I was hoping he would stay awhile.

He seemed to be interested in the email I was writing and I knew at that point there had to be some type of connection to the person I was writing, Guipago, and myself. Guipago continued speaking and began telling me stories about this person I was writing and how the three of us somehow inadvertently fit together.

Although I initially thought he only came because of this one specific connection, as our conversation went on, I quickly concluded that he came to me for a much larger purpose.

Guipago had a distinct talent for speaking in antidotes and I was mesmerized by his every word. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, even in this, our first meeting, he was laying the groundwork for me to learn many lessons about myself, life, human nature and things to come.

I must start out by telling you that at the time Guipago came to me, my knowledge of American Indians and their historical significance, or really anything much about them at all — was severely lacking. I have already mentioned in a previous blog that I am extremely ashamed how “illiterate” I was about the plight of the American Indians.

I suppose I could cast some blame on the American Education system for that lack of knowledge — but then why would they want to teach the truth about the atrocities committed against the Native Americans? Come on now! I mean after all, I do vaguely remember a two week unit on the Native Americans in 7th grade in which I was taught some of the names of the prominent tribes like the Apache, Comanche, Navajo and Sioux — isn’t that enough time and acknowledgement for them? (In case you don’t realize — I am being very sarcastic here!)

As an adult my knowledge of Native Americans grew ever so slightly. Somehow I intuitively knew, that as a whole, the Indians had a much better spiritual perspective and understanding in relation to Mother Earth — including a distinct reverence for all Animals — which leads me back to my story about Guipago.

It is important to let you know that Guipago wasn’t very easy on me. Many spirits just tell me who they are — not him boy! He was going to make me work for my knowledge and now looking back I totally understand why he did it.

On his initial visit, I had managed to “suss-out” that he was indeed a Native American Indian by what he was saying, his mannerisms, and the fact that when asking his name, he sarcastically replied “just call me Navajo Joe!”. He was a feisty little dude believe me! He said that it didn’t really matter to me what his true identity was — because it was all the same to you guys. I inferred by his angry tone that “you guys” meant us white folks – pale faces – white man — whatever classic label you want to use.

After a few different visits and making me work hard to figure out his identity by his various dropping of clues — he finally said the word “Kiowa”. I don’t really know much about how other psychics work, so I can only speak for myself. But as for me, I often hear things phonetically and then take my cues from there.

Whenever he spoke to me I often scribbled down things he said. And on this particular day after our conversation, I looked down at my notes and found I had written the word Kiowa and Keowa. I had psychically heard the word as “key-ow-wuh” and wasn’t sure how to spell it. Even more comical, up until a little over a year ago, I had been pronouncing it the way I heard it, which was of course — incorrectly. The correct pronunciation, by the way, is Kiowa like the state Iowa with a K added.

With this added clue I almost immediately figured everything out and was excited to finally put a name to a face so to speak. On that day I learned the basics about Guipago, including the fact he was also known as Lone Wolf. He lived between 1820-1879 and was a Principle Chief and Medicine Man of the Kiowa Indian tribe. He was a member of the elite Koitsenko and Tsetanma warrior societies, and although he was ultimately a man of peace — he fought hard to preserve the Kiowa way of life.

When I pulled up his photo, I felt my mouth drop open and the hair on my arms stand straight up. It was one of those moments I like to refer to as a “psychic recognition”. It is an occurrence or situation in which you recognize a person or situation from the past and somehow instinctively know you had experience of this before. In this case, I felt extremely comforted by his picture and had a sense of “coming home”.

Over the next few years, Guipago would visit me off and on and we would have many conversations. Some of our conversations were light-hearted and others very deep indeed — such as matters concerning the state of the world and what is yet to come.

It has always been amazing to me that he can be a man of such few words — yet almost his every word carries meaning with it. He normally talks to me in stories and antidotes. And although at the time I mostly think he is just being his usual clever, comical and witty self, later on in my life, some event would transpire causing me to think back to things Guipago had said. I would then have one of those “light bulb moments” realizing aha, that is what he meant!

I would love to be able to share every instance, every word and every spiritual lesson with you, but not only is most of it exceedingly personal and specific to my “road” — it is actually virtually impossible for me to do so. I do intend however, to share with you what I can.

For the moment, I will say that for me personally, Guipago is not only a true genius, but over the past few years he has been my Spiritual Guru and has changed my life with his teachings. He has opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed, he has helped me with my dimensional work, he is always there whenever I need him and always, always — he has “had my back” in my everyday life situations.

I would like to take this time now to share with you some of the things we have discussed over the years. Guipago often gives me lessons merely in one-liners, and although I can’t remember his exact words, I will do my best to express how I interpreted him.

Here are a few one-liners compliments of Guipago:

Greed and Harmony can never co-exist – it is impossible

A friend who cannot share in your joy – will be the first to put an arrow in your back

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – arrogance did

When a person gives only what they don’t need – they are not a true giver

Beware the person who talks too much – for they will never come around to your side

Some of his deeper revelations to me were about the present condition of the United States:

If you want to know what is going to become of the United States — you only have to look at what was done to the Native Americans – look at history — the New Reservations are being created and already exist — the color of your skin will no longer give you immunity from this dreadful incarceration

Guipago also mentioned to me that the world is going back to the cowboys and Indians days and whoever doesn’t have the skill or the knowledge to live off the land — already has an arrow in their back. Simply translated by me — if you don’t know how to survive– grow your own crops, start fires, find shelter, find and purify water — your going to be screwed! He told me that all the money and “things” won’t amount to a hill of beans — in fact, it is the hill of beans that will be the hot commodity.

Guipago spoke to me about the present day Indians and mentioned if they could let go of their anger and apathy and come together as “one nation” — they would in fact be a force to be reckoned with! He tells me it is no coincidence that the government feared the Indians back in the day and put a stop to their “ghost dances”. He says the medicine of the Indians is a powerful one — like no other peoples on earth — and a coming together of separate nations to one — would be life altering — for everyone.

One of the other issues Guipago warned me about was the issue of what is being done to the earth. He speaks of the “foolishness and greed” that is destroying Mother Nature. He is referring to such things as the drilling of natural gas and “fracking” techniques the gas companies employ — he is referring to the drilling of oil in both our oceans and our land — he is referring to the mining of coal in which the tops of mountains are “blown to bits” — he is referring to the continuous land development and destruction of natural wildlife habitat.

He is deeply disturbed by all of this Earth destruction and doesn’t really understand why we as humans can know everything we know about history — have all the information we need right in front of us — yet we choose to sit passively by and let a few greedy people destroy the Earth. It is a tragedy and an ignorance of humans that he is not so convinced we can ever repair.

Guipago tells me that everything on Earth is “One” — we are all connected — Earth itself, Animals, Plants and Humans — we are all the same organism and when one part of that organism is damaged — we are all damaged. When we allow any part of our organism to be exploited, harmed, violated or destroyed beyond repair — we are in essence annihilating ourselves.

I wish that I could say that Guipago has given me a great sense of peace and hope for the future of life as we know it to be. I wish that I could also sit here and type words like “Guipago says everything is fine — sit back and relax — and a big “kumbaya” to everyone!”. The truth is however, he is deeply concerned about the state of things and feels that that anyone who is not, well, quite frankly — they need to wake up — and wake up yesterday!

We even talked one day about the mass destruction caused by the “noisy boxes”. In case you don’t get the analogy, he is talking about television with all of it’s corruption, manipulation and undermining of humanity — not to mention all the adverse effects of the harmful radiation.

He urges us to turn away from the black box — televisions, computers, telephone gadgets, blackberries, raspberries etc. Humans must connect back with Mother Earth if any progress is going to be made. I want to repeat what he said as it is extremely important — Humans must connect back to Mother Nature! If you can, after you read this, I hope you will go for a walk in nature. Sit outside on the ground. Enjoy the singing of the birds. Plant some flowers… etc.!

On that note of being at peace and one with nature, I am going to end it here. I have much more to say about this wonderful man and the journeys he has led me on, the people he has led me to, the new life he has helped me to discover — and the beautiful mind altering wisdom that he has graciously passed on to me.

I will be mentioning him much more in upcoming blogs like the one I plan to write about Quanah Parker and my visit to Star House. I also intend to add a blog about Adoeette (Big Tree), my trips to Oklahoma, and my first Powwow — well first in this life anyway!! PJ

I hope you have a particularly groovy day and I hope something said in this blog will resonate with you on a positive level.

Peace… over and out…

Kathleen xx

Ps… Immediately after I finished writing this blog, I went upstairs to eat lunch and not more than 5 minutes later, a family member came to me and gave me an old sage smudge bundle they had just found while cleaning out an old drawer. I had just told them yesterday that I was wanting to get one so I could smudge the house. I knew immediately as the timing indicates, the sage was a gift from the G-man himself. I guess he liked the blog! PJ

Okay, If that didn’t just convince you, here is something else. Another five minutes went by and as I was eating spaghetti and looking outside through the window — it started snowing! Unbelievable!

What is so weird about snow? I will tell you! It is 45 degrees outside and I switched on the weather channel — there is and was absolutely no snow in the forecast and no snow or precipitation indicated on the Doppler weather radar thingy!

I have had other “weather related incidents” happen with my Indian Peeps, but alas, another day — another blog! PJ

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4 Responses to Guipago “Lone Wolf”

  1. Fiona says:

    Am just starting my journey with my guide lone wolf

  2. NICK says:

    I have for many years been spiritual, but never made a conscious effort to attain my gift , I have since 1992 been unable to work initially due to acute balance issues that were largely resolved following 6 major brain operations, and latterly due to heart failure, for which I have had surgery to replace valves etc, BUT the sicker I get the stronger my gift becomes, I have for many years spoken at times a language that I knew nothing about, I recently googled some words as my guides told me to do it ,they told me I was a native American in an earlier life and that my name had been Lone Wolf, I googled the words Tirawa atui , and was amazed that they are exact Pawnee tribe words for great spirit,
    I am told though that although I was an elder I was not ‘THE ‘great lone wolf in fact my tribe was often at war with the Kiowa,
    In my quiet time I am able to spout forth wisdom from my previous existence and have learnt tonight that I am to transcribe these words that are in Pawnee into English and I am to compile a book, not so much of teachings but of examples of wisdom gained from a turbulent past that are relevant for todays struggles and questions raised ,over terrorism and war especially.
    I find the timing incredibly relevant when only yesterday the British government voted to extend bombing to Syria, which though will get the bad guys will inevitably result in some innocent casualties,
    The words of the world needing to join together in love and unity could probably never be more relevant, we all need to stop saying ‘if only’ and instead do something positive to shine the light that is great spirit out into the world to chase out darkness and false prophets,
    To all who read this it matters not what you call your god, he has many names but only one identity, what matters is your belief in truth, love ,honesty and compassion for your fellow man , if you believe ,nothing is unattainable!
    Bright Blessings …….Nick

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Nick:

      Thank you for your insightful comment. Truth, love, honesty and compassion for your fellow man – you hit the nail on the head! Hopefully as more people like yourself become aware of their abilities to channel and communicate with other dimensions, like you, they will use the knowledge gained to help and heal others in the world. We are all connected and all of us should strive to work together to get out of this mess that has been created. And of course when I say we, I’m referring to all life – humans, animals, plants and Mother Earth herself.

      I wish you the best of health and the best of luck with your book! Many thanks for your taking the time to comment. Keep raising your vibration and shining your light!

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