Fido Feng Shui: Creating a harmonious environment for your animal companion


Did you know that by simply having an animal companion living in your home that you are practicing good Feng Shui?  That’’s right! By merely having a beloved little (or big) furry, feathery or scaly companion as a roommate, you – or should I say “they” – are automatically increasing the positive flow of Chi in your home.

Last month we learned that the basic principle of Feng Shui was all about the placement of objects such as buildings, houses, furniture, plants etc. in such a way as to maximize the flow of energy or “Chi”. When the best possible environment is created, this Chi will flow harmoniously and help with happiness, mental well-being and good fortune.

So where does little Fido or Miss Kitty fit into the mix and help with the positive flow of Chi in our homes? Well, basically, by simply being themselves. By being their loyal, loving, affectionate selves – accepting us unconditionally without hesitation – they exude a wonderful pure and positive energy which facilitates the flow of Chi. Absolutely amazing isn’’t it?

We are all consciously aware that our animal companions enhance our lives in many ways. We also know, that no matter what is happening in our personal lives, whether the chips are up or down, they are there for us. Let’’s face it, they are often our most trusted advisors, loyal confidants, spiritual gurus and – although a bit embarrassing to admit – even our shrinks!

Sometimes however, our animal friends improve our lives in ways we can not even remotely imagine. Enter Feng Shui! Animals help aid and assist with the positive flow of Chi, thus making our environment more harmonious and peaceful. In turn, this pleasant setting created by them, is conducive to our mental health, quality of life and well-being. Thank you Fido, Miss Kitty, and all you other wonderful animal companions out there!

Okay, so now that we have discussed all of the wonderful ways our beloved little (or big) furry, feathery or scaly friends add to our lives, what can we do in return to make their lives better? Well, we can start giving back and returning some of the energy by making their living environment as peaceful and harmonious as possible. How can we do this? We can achieve this goal by practicing a few simple Feng Shui techniques.

When followed on a daily basis, these easy techniques will help to ensure a positive flow of Chi in your companion’s environment, thus enhancing their quality of and outlook on life, mental health and overall well-being.

8 simple Fido Feng Shui techniques

1.  Clean bed and bedroom area – Make sure that your animal friend has their own bed and a little nook they can call their own. Make sure the bed is clean, relaxing and in an area that is “clutter free”.  No one wants to sleep in a messy, disruptive, cluttered-up environment. Do you get a good night sleep when your room is in a state of disarray? I think not!

2.  Private space for some Fido “me time” –  make sure that you provide a peaceful, comfortable area in  your house where your companion can chill out and unwind. Once again, the area should be free of clutter and it should be in a place where your friend doesn’t have to worry about humans trampling over or across them. An area right by the door or anywhere in the direct line of human traffic would not be a good place.

3.  Quiet and peaceful environment – Animals are much more psychically sensitive and in tune than we are. Not only do they have amazing hearing, their intuition and psychic ability is tops. They “get us” and if we are in a state of chaos or personal trauma and drama ourselves, then our companions will be thrown off balance. Loosely translated, this means keep any loud screaming, arguments, temper tantrums or loud obnoxious music to a minimum please! Your little (or big) Fido likes to practice a Zen lifestyle so try to follow his lead in your own life.

4.  Clean water bowl and food dish – Always, always provide a clean food dish and water bowl for your companion! This should be a “must do” on your list. Replace the water and clean out any uneaten food frequently. Would you like to drink water with hair and dust floating around in it? Or perhaps eat off a plate encrusted with old food? A big resounding YUCK! You think it sounds gross? So does Fido! (ps. No plastic bowls please!)

5.  Change food up a bit – even if you stick to same basic food, mix it up by adding some tasty gravy or whatever is appropriate for your companion. Give them a variety of different treats etc. After all, would you want to eat the same boring, bland food everyday? Again, a bigger resounding YUCK! (The happier your companion is, the better energy they will emit – hence, better flow of Chi all around.)

6.  A room with a view – make sure your companion has access to a window so he or she can look out when no one is home. Everyone needs visual stimulation, and that most definitely includes your beloved friend! Even if your friend is a fish or turtle, they still need variety and some visual stimulation. Put aquariums in places where they can see some “action”. Perhaps in a family room etc.

7.  Electronic pollution free zone – in locating a peaceful area for your companions bed or chill out space, make sure it is away from plug outlets, television sets, computers or anything else that leaks radiation, irritating low level noises, flashing lights and the like. This goes double for you! Use the same rule of thumb when placing your bed or creating your chill out space. Believe me, if you have a space full of electronic gizmos and gadgets, you won’t be doing much “chill-axing!”

8.  Exercise – While this last one isn’t really directly Feng Shui, it is important for spiritual health and well-being. All of us, including and especially your animal companion need to get physical. Exercise helps strengthen our muscles, as well as helping with our mental outlook. If your friend is a dog, try to give them at least one good walk a day so they can keep their muscles tone, plus get some mental stimulation. For indoor cats, at least let them sit with you outside in the garden or something. Being one with nature will help your outlook as well!

So there you have it! 8 simple techniques to improve the life of your little (or big) animal companion. Pretty easy rules to follow, yet so beneficial for your best friend. So what are you waiting for? Go get started making those little changes and watch the energy shift! Believe me, your animal companion and best friend will appreciate the effort and love you even more than they already do right now. (If that is even possible! P:)

One last tip:

When your trying to implement the techniques, don’t get bogged down in details or in trying to do too much. There are a multitude of other Feng Shui principles we could consider, but for now – let’’s just keep it simple! Getting frustrated and confused will only be counterproductive. Just remember this simple rule of thumb: “If it feels relaxing and peaceful to you, then it should feel the same for your furry, feathery or scaly friend!”

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