Toilet Feng Shui: Close the lid, change your life!


Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese Art that has been practiced for centuries. The principle of Feng Shui is all about the placement of objects such as buildings, houses, furniture, plants etc. in such a way as to maximize the flow of energy or Chi. When the best possible environment is created, this Chi will flow harmoniously and help with happiness, mental well-being and good fortune.

Learning this ancient art and knowing how to increase the flow of Chi in any setting involves a myriad of tools and essentials. First there is the Bagua – which acts a bit like a map. Second, you have the eight principle directions. And last, comes learning about the five elements – which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Oh, and let’s not forget, eventually you will have to know how to use color, crystals, plants and those groovy little indoor waterfalls!

As you can already see, the list of nuts and bolts needed for Feng Shui can go on forever and ever. Truth be told, it can get pretty confusing, pretty fast! Even Chinese Astrology and Numerology can be thrown into the mix when attempting to create a healthy space. Are you confused yet? Join the club!

If you are anything like me, ex. Jack of all trades master of none, then you probably just want to start with something basic that can help you in your everyday life, minus the trauma and drama of learning the ins and outs of Feng Shui. Am I right? Okay, let me start with a basic – a basic that will change your life! Ready? Drum roll please…

Close the lid and change your life!

Put the lid down and my life will change? Nah! It can’t be, that is just too easy! Yes, I hear you and I know it sounds way too easy – but believe me, it works! For years I have practiced this easy rule on an everyday basis and have noticed a real difference not only in the energy of my home, but also the energy in my life.

You see, in the practice of Feng Shui, water is very important. And, all things water and plumbing related, are symbolic of both money and resources in general. For example, if you have a leaky faucet which wastes water, then you will also be wasting money and/or resources. The upshot? Get your leaky plumbing fixed!

Since the principles of Feng Shui dictate that there really isn’t even a favorable placement for a toilet or bathroom in a home, it is extremely important how you interact with your bathroom space. As well, it is a primary belief that by leaving the toilet seat up – depending on what sector of your home it’s in – ex. love, career etc. – you will literally flush away any benefits you may have had.

Haven’t had a date in 12 years? Perhaps your toilet is in the love sector of your home, and your not closing the lid!

Okay, you’re probably still thinking this all sounds a bit too easy, and perhaps even a bit too cheesy – but it really does work! In fact, not only will you notice a real difference in the quality of energy throughout your home – you’ll notice more harmony and abundance coming into whichever area of life your toilet is located in.

With time, you will even get so psychically attuned to the enhanced energy that you will immediately notice when someone used your facilities and left the seat up. (Hopefully you won’t be like me and turn into the toilet seat Po-Po – but hey, fair warning, it may happen!)

So what else do we need to know about implementing Toilet Feng Shui in our home, office or place of business? Nothing. Nothing at all! Just start being vigilant about closing those lids and watch as the energy shifts and new prosperity enters your life.

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I am a Professional Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) and an Intuitive Healer. Apparently, I am also a very part-time blogger! I teach holistic workshops on intuitive tarot reading and healing for both humans and animals. I believe that all life - plants, animals and humans - are divinely connected and act as one organism. When any part of that organism is damaged or suffering - then all of us are damaged and suffering. So, when we take time to heal ourselves and be our best possible authentic selves - we ultimately heal the entire World. To learn more, please visit my websites listed in the links section to the right.
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