Collateral Damage: Help, Healing and Hope for Combat Veterans


Almost since the very dawn of civilization, humans – both men and women – have engaged in wars against each other. These battles, whether fought for religious and political freedoms, civil rights, independence or merely greed, always seem to have the same lasting effect. For those on the front line of these conflicts, the emotional wounds can leave a scar that is often times greater than the actual physical injuries themselves.

For many combat veterans, the biggest battle begins after the actual conflict is over. Upon returning home, these brave men and women who fought so hard for others, are left to fend for themselves. They often find themselves feeling alone, isolated and unable to reconnect with and adjust to the life they once led. For these warriors, the psychological wounds sustained on the battle field become too overwhelming and begin to take control of their lives.

Without a good support system, veterans of war can quickly find themselves severely depressed and unable to cope. They begin to experience what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or what is also commonly referred to simply as PTSD. There are many manifestations of PTSD. Some of the symptoms can include extreme anxiety, anger, hopelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, suicidal thoughts and many other forms of self destructive behavior.


The road to recovery isn’t going to be easy, but for those combat veterans wanting some assistance moving forward with their lives, there is help. Reiki and/or Seichem is a wonderful therapeutic remedy which comes in the form of energy or hands-on healing.  Energy healing can assist with PTSD by immediately alleviating some of the excess emotional baggage these veterans are dealing with. It can improve sleep and relaxation, irritability and anger, feelings of guilt or shame, memory and concentration. Simply put, it can help to lighten the load, and do so immediately!


If you are a combat veteran or know someone that is having problems re-adjusting to life after war, I would like to extend a special offer of service to you/them. If you/they are willing to step out of the box of traditional medicine and would like to try this alternative form of holistic healing, then please contact me at:

The first healing session will be given free of charge. After that, any healing may be payable by donation (whatever you/they can afford) or by an alternative “exchange of energy”. If you’re not sure and you would like to learn more about the benefits of energy healing or have other questions, please visit my website at . I am mostly located in the San Antonio, Texas area (closest to Lackland Air Force Base)  or near Pittsburgh, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. In some cases, I am willing to travel.


Healing for Canine Combat Veterans

I want to make sure our furry veterans are also remembered for their loyal and heroic service on the front lines. Military working dogs also experience trauma and PTSD, so I am extending this offer of energy healing to include any and all canine combat veterans or service and rescue dogs. As you already know from your experience working with them on the front lines, they are loyal, sentient beings who deserve to benefit from this energy healing as well.

Wishing you Peace,

kathleen xx

Looking for a few good Men or Women

Hello! If you are a holistic therapist, healer, or any other business that can provide a free or discounted service to benefit our Combat Veterans, please join with me in the helping and healing.  If you would like your website or business included in my links section, please let me know. Thank you!

About Kathleen

I am a Professional Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) and an Intuitive Healer. Apparently, I am also a very part-time blogger! I teach holistic workshops on intuitive tarot reading and healing for both humans and animals. I believe that all life - plants, animals and humans - are divinely connected and act as one organism. When any part of that organism is damaged or suffering - then all of us are damaged and suffering. So, when we take time to heal ourselves and be our best possible authentic selves - we ultimately heal the entire World. To learn more, please visit my websites listed in the links section to the right.
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2 Responses to Collateral Damage: Help, Healing and Hope for Combat Veterans

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    I am the sister of a wounded veteran and was affected by my brother’s enlistment in the military. He is my only sibling and we suddenly had no communication and no relationship – that is until I became a chaplain and discovered how to provide compassionate spiritual care. As a result of his wound and the impact of my son’s unresolved grief, I founded Partners of Hope. I provide free support at Harold Washingon College in Chicago. Would love to have a link to our website included on your site. Also would it be possible to use the picture (identifying the source) in your article in one of our advertisements for veteran support?

    You are doing a great job helping soldiers to heal. I endeavor to do the same.

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Rosalind,
      It is great to meet you and learn about the wonderful work you are doing through your organization, “Partners of Hope”. I am sorry to hear about both your brother and son. How fortunate they are to have such an incredible support system in you. Hopefully, they are finding some peace now.

      Unfortunately, as you are already aware, these stories are becoming increasingly more commonplace. Many returning veterans are left to fend for themselves — without any type of support system whatsoever. It is comforting to know more and more people like yourself are recognizing this ongoing problem and providing not only compassion — but also hope.

      Please feel free to use anything you need. We are all in this thing together, and I am more than happy to help in any way I can!

      A friend in healing and hope,
      kathleen xx

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