Tarot Reading for Pets: Animal Communication using intuition and cards


For years, and for many of us, the mere word Tarot has sent chills down our spines as we have conjured up all type of negative images in our heads. Our mind goes back and forth as we think of everything from those purple-haired psychics and ominous looking fortune tellers, to the dark images on the cards themselves. Do any of you remember that poignant moment in the James Bond film Live and Let Die when Solitaire the psychic (Jane Seymour) turns over the death card? Yikes, No thanks!

Tarot has evolved greatly over the past several years, and today its uses and associations continue to progress at a rapid pace. No longer solely linked to dark secrets, black magic, quackery or gloom and doom fortune telling, Tarot has become increasingly main stream and its popularity continues to rise. Even the decks themselves have become more user friendly with themes ranging in everything from Angels to Unicorns and the more recently popular – Animal decks.

Yes, today you can see everyone from hip new-agers, trendy housewives, college students and construction workers to the ultra-conservative Wall Street investor going in for a Tarot consultation. And guess who else has started going in for a reading? Yep! You guessed it, Fido and Fluffy. Hey, we take them to spas, doggy resorts, kitty cafes and those lovable pet psychics – why not take them in for a Tarot consultation?

We no longer consider them as just pets, our beloved little (or big) pals have become an important member of our family and most of us long to communicate with them. Over the centuries, we have come to realize, that like us, animals are sentient emotional beings and they deserve the best health and well-being available – enter Tarot! A tarot reading for a pet addresses their current disposition, basic wants and needs, and can even reveal what their life may have been like before you found each other.

How does it work? Well, similar to the way Hermann Rorschach developed the inkblot test in 1921 to gain access into an individual’s mental state, the images on a tarot card help link the readers intuition with the higher consciousness of an animal. You see each card in a tarot deck contain colorful images that work very similar to a story book. A reader will look at those images and use his or her intuition to decipher the meaning and gain insight into your beloved pet’s unique situation.

Using images to connect with someone’s psyche really isn’t that much of a stretch or new phenomenon either. In fact this idea can be traced all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. And they were pretty pioneering dudes weren’t they? So, it only makes logical sense that we can use this technique with our animal friends.

Surely at this point you may be scratching your head, or perhaps arguing with that self-defeating skeptic in your soul about the validity of all this. That’s perfectly fine – we can all understand and acknowledge the naysayers within ourselves – no big deal. But let’s try to remain open and move forward with this.

Do you secretly talk to your pet and wish they would answer back? Would you like to forge a deeper bond with your animal pal or even just want to be all the rage and envy at the dog park or kitty cafe? Well, the good news – now you can! (Warning… getting ready to shamelessly plug a business.)

Tarot for Pets is a new website that enables you to try a simple one question tarot reading for your animal companions. An affiliate of Spiritual Pet, they provide great email readings at a minimal fee, and, offer really cool international tarot workshops so that you can learn how to read the cards intuitively for your special buddy. How groovy is that? No more taking a second mortgage or pawning your flat-screen TV to pay an expensive pet psychic or animal communicator! (I am one of them, so it’s okay for me to say that! P:)

So stop by and visit Tarotforpets.com and start connecting with all of your furry, feathery or scaly little (or big) animal friends today. You will be glad you did – and so will Fido and Fluffy!

Psst. Hey! Don’t forget to check out their resident canine connoisseur Clem. He’s loves to listen to great music and posts a new tune every week for your enjoyment. Also while you’re there, join their VIP Gold Club so you can get special discounted members only offers.

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