Tarot Reading for Pets: Animal Communication using intuition and cards


For years, and for many of us, the mere word Tarot has sent chills down our spines as we have conjured up all type of negative images in our heads. Our mind goes back and forth as we think of everything from those purple-haired psychics and ominous looking fortune tellers, to the dark images on the cards themselves. Do any of you remember that poignant moment in the James Bond film Live and Let Die when Solitaire the psychic (Jane Seymour) turns over the death card? Yikes, No thanks!

Tarot has evolved greatly over the past several years, and today its uses and associations continue to progress at a rapid pace. No longer solely linked to dark secrets, black magic, quackery or gloom and doom fortune telling, Tarot has become increasingly main stream and its popularity continues to rise. Even the decks themselves have become more user friendly with themes ranging in everything from Angels to Unicorns and the more recently popular – Animal decks.

Yes, today you can see everyone from hip new-agers, trendy housewives, college students and construction workers to the ultra-conservative Wall Street investor going in for a Tarot consultation. And guess who else has started going in for a reading? Yep! You guessed it, Fido and Fluffy. Hey, we take them to spas, doggy resorts, kitty cafes and those lovable pet psychics – why not take them in for a Tarot consultation?

We no longer consider them as just pets, our beloved little (or big) pals have become an important member of our family and most of us long to communicate with them. Over the centuries, we have come to realize, that like us, animals are sentient emotional beings and they deserve the best health and well-being available – enter Tarot! A tarot reading for a pet addresses their current disposition, basic wants and needs, and can even reveal what their life may have been like before you found each other.

How does it work? Well, similar to the way Hermann Rorschach developed the inkblot test in 1921 to gain access into an individual’s mental state, the images on a tarot card help link the readers intuition with the higher consciousness of an animal. You see each card in a tarot deck contain colorful images that work very similar to a story book. A reader will look at those images and use his or her intuition to decipher the meaning and gain insight into your beloved pet’s unique situation.

Using images to connect with someone’s psyche really isn’t that much of a stretch or new phenomenon either. In fact this idea can be traced all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. And they were pretty pioneering dudes weren’t they? So, it only makes logical sense that we can use this technique with our animal friends.

Surely at this point you may be scratching your head, or perhaps arguing with that self-defeating skeptic in your soul about the validity of all this. That’s perfectly fine – we can all understand and acknowledge the naysayers within ourselves – no big deal. But let’s try to remain open and move forward with this.

Do you secretly talk to your pet and wish they would answer back? Would you like to forge a deeper bond with your animal pal or even just want to be all the rage and envy at the dog park or kitty cafe? Well, the good news – now you can! (Warning… getting ready to shamelessly plug a business.)

Tarot for Pets is a new website that enables you to try a simple one question tarot reading for your animal companions. An affiliate of Spiritual Pet, they provide great email readings at a minimal fee, and, offer really cool international tarot workshops so that you can learn how to read the cards intuitively for your special buddy. How groovy is that? No more taking a second mortgage or pawning your flat-screen TV to pay an expensive pet psychic or animal communicator! (I am one of them, so it’s okay for me to say that! P:)

So stop by and visit Tarotforpets.com and start connecting with all of your furry, feathery or scaly little (or big) animal friends today. You will be glad you did – and so will Fido and Fluffy!

Psst. Hey! Don’t forget to check out their resident canine connoisseur Clem. He’s loves to listen to great music and posts a new tune every week for your enjoyment. Also while you’re there, join their VIP Gold Club so you can get special discounted members only offers.

© 2014 by Kathleen A. McCoy.
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Kathleen A. McCoy.

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Camino de Santiago: Walking with the Angels


Historically speaking, the Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James is one of the most important Christian Pilgrimage routes in existence. Dating all the way back to the 9th century, pilgrims from all over the world have walked for months – often braving harsh weather conditions, landscapes and physical pain – in order to arrive at the great church in Santiago and pay homage to St. James.

So what is it that would possess someone to undertake this arduous journey, and do so voluntarily at that? Are they gluttons for punishment, or have they somehow been called by something larger than themselves?

Let’s take a look:

Well for starters, religion and paying homage to St. James no longer appear to be the sole purpose of walking the Camino. Don’t get me wrong, you will still find many pilgrims who walk for religious intentions, and to imply the walk isn’t a religious or spiritual experience is wrong – very wrong! However, today’s modern pilgrimage has evolved, and those who walk it and their reasons for doing so, are just as diverse.

You see, today, due in large part to the internet and films like “The Way”, the pilgrimage is as popular as ever and with people of every age, nationality and belief system. As you hike along the paths and meet fellow pilgrims, they will tell you all about the different reasons why they undertook the journey – usually without mentioning anything about spirituality. You will however, hear about their divorces, midlife crises, unemployment, health problems, physical challenges and for many – a growing dissatisfaction with life in general.

Whether the pilgrims are aware of it themselves or not, they do have one thing in common – they have all been called and they are walking to connect with something much larger than themselves. And although initially embarking on the Camino for some other non-spiritual motive, by the end of and during the trek, they come to find something very unique about themselves. They come to the realization that they are very spiritual beings indeed!

It’s hard for anyone who has ever undertaken the journey to put into words, but there is something very magical about the Camino de Santiago. In fact, many people say that it has a life and energy all its own – and I, for one, am in total agreement! The best part? It doesn’t matter if you walk 100 kilometers or 800 kilometers, you will experience this other-worldliness and you will find answers to questions that you didn’t even know you had.

While on the Camino you will encounter other pilgrims and countrymen (or women) that will renew your faith in humanity and the sweetness of life. And whether you ask for it or not, when finding yourself struggling on the Way – as if by some divine force or intervention – an angel will show up on the path beside you, ready and willing to assist you in some form or fashion. Thirsty and out of water? Someone will magically appear and give you one of their bottles. Need a rain poncho? They packed an extra one just in case.

The Camino abounds with these type of synchronicities and there are just too many to write them off as mere coincidence. It is obvious, even to the non-believers that there is a power or force much greater than themselves at play. And “things” showing up at the right time aren’t the only miraculous events that occur. Time after time, no matter how many kilometers or days walked – you will reunite with the same pilgrims at various points along the path. Those are the pilgrims that you remember the most, as they are the ones who will deliver those special messages or life lessons to you.

It’s no accident that people have been drawn for centuries to undertake the journey and its popularity is increasing as more of us are becoming aware of it. Ask anyone who has ever walked the Camino about their experience, and I guarantee you, not only will their face light up with a huge smile, they will tell you it was and is one of the best things they ever did in their life. (Then they will probably encourage you to go!)

So if you currently find yourself at a personal crossroads, possibly disillusioned with life, wanting a unique physical challenge and vacation – or, just happening to stumble upon this story – the Camino de Santiago may be for you. And how will you know if or when you should go? Well, it’s pretty simple really – as a fellow pilgrim named Tom so eloquently (and amusingly) stated, “When the Camino calls – you go!” Loosely translated: It’s a calling you will feel deeply in your heart and you won’t question it. You will just know – believe me.

Are you ready to find The Way?


**A Personal Footnote of Gratitude:

In the remote chance anyone I encountered on my journey reads this, I want to say thank you to all of the pilgrims and people of Spain who inspired me on my inner journey and assisted me along the way. Your kindness and generosity was greatly appreciated and will always be remembered. Thank you for the bandages, medicine, moose cream, walking stick, tangerines, strawberries, meals, kafe con leche, wine and of course – beer.

A huge “danke” to all the Germans who so patiently helped me with (and corrected) mein Deutsche. Thanks to my British buddy Ian for making me peas and instant mash for my birthday when we got snowed in. And, a very special heartfelt gratitude to my Lithuanian pal “Lithy” who helped carry my backpack that first day up the mountain – I couldn’t have made it without you! You are truly an Angel.

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Collateral Damage: Help, Healing and Hope for Combat Veterans


Almost since the very dawn of civilization, humans – both men and women – have engaged in wars against each other. These battles, whether fought for religious and political freedoms, civil rights, independence or merely greed, always seem to have the same lasting effect. For those on the front line of these conflicts, the emotional wounds can leave a scar that is often times greater than the actual physical injuries themselves.

For many combat veterans, the biggest battle begins after the actual conflict is over. Upon returning home, these brave men and women who fought so hard for others, are left to fend for themselves. They often find themselves feeling alone, isolated and unable to reconnect with and adjust to the life they once led. For these warriors, the psychological wounds sustained on the battle field become too overwhelming and begin to take control of their lives.

Without a good support system, veterans of war can quickly find themselves severely depressed and unable to cope. They begin to experience what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or what is also commonly referred to simply as PTSD. There are many manifestations of PTSD. Some of the symptoms can include extreme anxiety, anger, hopelessness, alcohol and drug abuse, suicidal thoughts and many other forms of self destructive behavior.


The road to recovery isn’t going to be easy, but for those combat veterans wanting some assistance moving forward with their lives, there is help. Reiki and/or Seichem is a wonderful therapeutic remedy which comes in the form of energy or hands-on healing.  Energy healing can assist with PTSD by immediately alleviating some of the excess emotional baggage these veterans are dealing with. It can improve sleep and relaxation, irritability and anger, feelings of guilt or shame, memory and concentration. Simply put, it can help to lighten the load, and do so immediately!


If you are a combat veteran or know someone that is having problems re-adjusting to life after war, I would like to extend a special offer of service to you/them. If you/they are willing to step out of the box of traditional medicine and would like to try this alternative form of holistic healing, then please contact me at:


The first healing session will be given free of charge. After that, any healing may be payable by donation (whatever you/they can afford) or by an alternative “exchange of energy”. If you’re not sure and you would like to learn more about the benefits of energy healing or have other questions, please visit my website at www.kathleen-a-mccoy.com . I am mostly located in the San Antonio, Texas area (closest to Lackland Air Force Base)  or near Pittsburgh, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. In some cases, I am willing to travel.


Healing for Canine Combat Veterans

I want to make sure our furry veterans are also remembered for their loyal and heroic service on the front lines. Military working dogs also experience trauma and PTSD, so I am extending this offer of energy healing to include any and all canine combat veterans or service and rescue dogs. As you already know from your experience working with them on the front lines, they are loyal, sentient beings who deserve to benefit from this energy healing as well.

Wishing you Peace,

kathleen xx

Looking for a few good Men or Women

Hello! If you are a holistic therapist, healer, or any other business that can provide a free or discounted service to benefit our Combat Veterans, please join with me in the helping and healing.  If you would like your website or business included in my links section, please let me know. Thank you!

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Fido Feng Shui: Creating a harmonious environment for your animal companion


Did you know that by simply having an animal companion living in your home that you are practicing good Feng Shui?  That’’s right! By merely having a beloved little (or big) furry, feathery or scaly companion as a roommate, you – or should I say “they” – are automatically increasing the positive flow of Chi in your home.

Last month we learned that the basic principle of Feng Shui was all about the placement of objects such as buildings, houses, furniture, plants etc. in such a way as to maximize the flow of energy or “Chi”. When the best possible environment is created, this Chi will flow harmoniously and help with happiness, mental well-being and good fortune.

So where does little Fido or Miss Kitty fit into the mix and help with the positive flow of Chi in our homes? Well, basically, by simply being themselves. By being their loyal, loving, affectionate selves – accepting us unconditionally without hesitation – they exude a wonderful pure and positive energy which facilitates the flow of Chi. Absolutely amazing isn’’t it?

We are all consciously aware that our animal companions enhance our lives in many ways. We also know, that no matter what is happening in our personal lives, whether the chips are up or down, they are there for us. Let’’s face it, they are often our most trusted advisors, loyal confidants, spiritual gurus and – although a bit embarrassing to admit – even our shrinks!

Sometimes however, our animal friends improve our lives in ways we can not even remotely imagine. Enter Feng Shui! Animals help aid and assist with the positive flow of Chi, thus making our environment more harmonious and peaceful. In turn, this pleasant setting created by them, is conducive to our mental health, quality of life and well-being. Thank you Fido, Miss Kitty, and all you other wonderful animal companions out there!

Okay, so now that we have discussed all of the wonderful ways our beloved little (or big) furry, feathery or scaly friends add to our lives, what can we do in return to make their lives better? Well, we can start giving back and returning some of the energy by making their living environment as peaceful and harmonious as possible. How can we do this? We can achieve this goal by practicing a few simple Feng Shui techniques.

When followed on a daily basis, these easy techniques will help to ensure a positive flow of Chi in your companion’s environment, thus enhancing their quality of and outlook on life, mental health and overall well-being.

8 simple Fido Feng Shui techniques

1.  Clean bed and bedroom area – Make sure that your animal friend has their own bed and a little nook they can call their own. Make sure the bed is clean, relaxing and in an area that is “clutter free”.  No one wants to sleep in a messy, disruptive, cluttered-up environment. Do you get a good night sleep when your room is in a state of disarray? I think not!

2.  Private space for some Fido “me time” –  make sure that you provide a peaceful, comfortable area in  your house where your companion can chill out and unwind. Once again, the area should be free of clutter and it should be in a place where your friend doesn’t have to worry about humans trampling over or across them. An area right by the door or anywhere in the direct line of human traffic would not be a good place.

3.  Quiet and peaceful environment – Animals are much more psychically sensitive and in tune than we are. Not only do they have amazing hearing, their intuition and psychic ability is tops. They “get us” and if we are in a state of chaos or personal trauma and drama ourselves, then our companions will be thrown off balance. Loosely translated, this means keep any loud screaming, arguments, temper tantrums or loud obnoxious music to a minimum please! Your little (or big) Fido likes to practice a Zen lifestyle so try to follow his lead in your own life.

4.  Clean water bowl and food dish – Always, always provide a clean food dish and water bowl for your companion! This should be a “must do” on your list. Replace the water and clean out any uneaten food frequently. Would you like to drink water with hair and dust floating around in it? Or perhaps eat off a plate encrusted with old food? A big resounding YUCK! You think it sounds gross? So does Fido! (ps. No plastic bowls please!)

5.  Change food up a bit – even if you stick to same basic food, mix it up by adding some tasty gravy or whatever is appropriate for your companion. Give them a variety of different treats etc. After all, would you want to eat the same boring, bland food everyday? Again, a bigger resounding YUCK! (The happier your companion is, the better energy they will emit – hence, better flow of Chi all around.)

6.  A room with a view – make sure your companion has access to a window so he or she can look out when no one is home. Everyone needs visual stimulation, and that most definitely includes your beloved friend! Even if your friend is a fish or turtle, they still need variety and some visual stimulation. Put aquariums in places where they can see some “action”. Perhaps in a family room etc.

7.  Electronic pollution free zone – in locating a peaceful area for your companions bed or chill out space, make sure it is away from plug outlets, television sets, computers or anything else that leaks radiation, irritating low level noises, flashing lights and the like. This goes double for you! Use the same rule of thumb when placing your bed or creating your chill out space. Believe me, if you have a space full of electronic gizmos and gadgets, you won’t be doing much “chill-axing!”

8.  Exercise – While this last one isn’t really directly Feng Shui, it is important for spiritual health and well-being. All of us, including and especially your animal companion need to get physical. Exercise helps strengthen our muscles, as well as helping with our mental outlook. If your friend is a dog, try to give them at least one good walk a day so they can keep their muscles tone, plus get some mental stimulation. For indoor cats, at least let them sit with you outside in the garden or something. Being one with nature will help your outlook as well!

So there you have it! 8 simple techniques to improve the life of your little (or big) animal companion. Pretty easy rules to follow, yet so beneficial for your best friend. So what are you waiting for? Go get started making those little changes and watch the energy shift! Believe me, your animal companion and best friend will appreciate the effort and love you even more than they already do right now. (If that is even possible! P:)

One last tip:

When your trying to implement the techniques, don’t get bogged down in details or in trying to do too much. There are a multitude of other Feng Shui principles we could consider, but for now – let’’s just keep it simple! Getting frustrated and confused will only be counterproductive. Just remember this simple rule of thumb: “If it feels relaxing and peaceful to you, then it should feel the same for your furry, feathery or scaly friend!”

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Toilet Feng Shui: Close the lid, change your life!


Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese Art that has been practiced for centuries. The principle of Feng Shui is all about the placement of objects such as buildings, houses, furniture, plants etc. in such a way as to maximize the flow of energy or Chi. When the best possible environment is created, this Chi will flow harmoniously and help with happiness, mental well-being and good fortune.

Learning this ancient art and knowing how to increase the flow of Chi in any setting involves a myriad of tools and essentials. First there is the Bagua – which acts a bit like a map. Second, you have the eight principle directions. And last, comes learning about the five elements – which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Oh, and let’s not forget, eventually you will have to know how to use color, crystals, plants and those groovy little indoor waterfalls!

As you can already see, the list of nuts and bolts needed for Feng Shui can go on forever and ever. Truth be told, it can get pretty confusing, pretty fast! Even Chinese Astrology and Numerology can be thrown into the mix when attempting to create a healthy space. Are you confused yet? Join the club!

If you are anything like me, ex. Jack of all trades master of none, then you probably just want to start with something basic that can help you in your everyday life, minus the trauma and drama of learning the ins and outs of Feng Shui. Am I right? Okay, let me start with a basic – a basic that will change your life! Ready? Drum roll please…

Close the lid and change your life!

Put the lid down and my life will change? Nah! It can’t be, that is just too easy! Yes, I hear you and I know it sounds way too easy – but believe me, it works! For years I have practiced this easy rule on an everyday basis and have noticed a real difference not only in the energy of my home, but also the energy in my life.

You see, in the practice of Feng Shui, water is very important. And, all things water and plumbing related, are symbolic of both money and resources in general. For example, if you have a leaky faucet which wastes water, then you will also be wasting money and/or resources. The upshot? Get your leaky plumbing fixed!

Since the principles of Feng Shui dictate that there really isn’t even a favorable placement for a toilet or bathroom in a home, it is extremely important how you interact with your bathroom space. As well, it is a primary belief that by leaving the toilet seat up – depending on what sector of your home it’s in – ex. love, career etc. – you will literally flush away any benefits you may have had.

Haven’t had a date in 12 years? Perhaps your toilet is in the love sector of your home, and your not closing the lid!

Okay, you’re probably still thinking this all sounds a bit too easy, and perhaps even a bit too cheesy – but it really does work! In fact, not only will you notice a real difference in the quality of energy throughout your home – you’ll notice more harmony and abundance coming into whichever area of life your toilet is located in.

With time, you will even get so psychically attuned to the enhanced energy that you will immediately notice when someone used your facilities and left the seat up. (Hopefully you won’t be like me and turn into the toilet seat Po-Po – but hey, fair warning, it may happen!)

So what else do we need to know about implementing Toilet Feng Shui in our home, office or place of business? Nothing. Nothing at all! Just start being vigilant about closing those lids and watch as the energy shifts and new prosperity enters your life.

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Healthy People: How to recognize them and attract more into your life


Last month we talked about toxic people and why it’’s advantageous to get them out of our lives. How about this time we change gears a bit and talk about something a bit more positive and upbeat? That’’s right! I am talking about healthy people – the ones who are a bit more beneficial to our everyday lives and help us in fulfilling our spiritual purpose.

Like toxic people, healthy people also come in all shapes and sizes. However, unlike toxic people – they aren’t really sneaky little buggers. Quite the contrary! Healthy people emit a brilliant light, and much like a lighthouse beacon, can be seen for miles. They can be easily recognized not only by their wonderful energy and auras, but, by the way they make you feel.

Generally speaking, healthy people will give you a sense of being built up, not torn down. They will give you a sense that nothing about you – not even your quirky mannerisms or those far-out thoughts you normally keep to yourself – are too silly or off limits. These delightfully healthy and happy people plug you in, so that you too can shine and be the soul you came here to be.

Hmm, that sounds easy enough right? Well, hold on just a minute. Although healthy people are fairly easy to recognize by their radiant energy and aura, there can be one slight drawback for us. If we are in an unhealthy place at the moment ourselves, we may have a difficult time recognizing their sparkle. So what can we do? How do we get better at recognizing these people and bringing more of them into our lives?

No worries! If you find yourself feeling uplifted, energized and enjoy being around someone – chances are, they may be a healthy person. However, if you’’re not sure, ask yourself some of the following questions:

Does this person take an eager interest in who I am as a person?

Do they value me as a fellow human being, appreciating me as a unique individual soul?

Do they look beyond the superficial trivialities of life such as what I do for a living, my financial portfolio or how many “things” I may or may not have acquired in my lifetime?

Does there seem to be an equal exchange of energy in all of our interactions?

Do they have good intentions and have my best interest at heart?

Most importantly, are they respectful and sincere?

If you answered yes to the above questions, and unless the person under consideration is a brilliant con-artist, then yahoo! You’ve got yourself a genuine healthy friend, acquaintance, relationship etc!

What’s next?

Okay, so now we know the basic characteristics and qualities of a healthy person. But, how do we go about attracting more of these people into our lives and where do we look for them? Well, if you read my last blog, you know that  first and foremost we have to clear out some of those toxic people, so the healthy ones have space to enter our lives.

The second thing is to make sure that we ourselves are working on our own “being healthy” issues and that we are not still exuding toxic fumes. As we all know, depending on the circumstances at any given moment in our lives, sometimes that is easier said than done! Some of us may never be completely toxin free, but we have to keep trying. Remember, a healthy person isn’t going to stay around us very long if they perceive us as a toxin.

Number three? Don’t limit your thinking about finding healthy people. Healthy people are everywhere and they can enter our lives at any given moment, and for any length of time. You don’t always have to have brilliant everlasting healthy friendships or relationships to sustain yourself either. It’’s wonderful to have them, but if you don’t – look elsewhere for your healthy fix.

Surrounding yourself with healthy everyday situations can work just as well until you acquire some of those closer, more permanent relationships you desire and dream about. Let me ask you something: Do you frequent businesses where the employees are always rude and treat you like crap? Or, do you go to the business where the employees are always friendly and treat you like a human being? I don’t know about you guys, but I will always pick the latter of the two choices!

Okay, this might be a good place for me to insert another one of my infamous little example stories. (You knew I had to get one in there somewhere!) So, here it goes:

When I lived in London, sometimes I used to get on a bus, take a tube and then walk a mile just so I could go to this little café in southeast London. The café itself was pretty nondescript. In fact, all I ever ordered was a jacket potato (baked). The potato itself, although good, really was not particularly memorable either. Baked beans, cheese, a side of grilled mushrooms – and that’’s it. Pretty boring aye?

So why did I go out of my way to go there? What would possibly possess a person to travel over an hour, taking a bus, a tube and on foot, just for a potato? Were they magic potatoes? Better yet, were they secretly serving me magic mushrooms and I had some type of addiction I was unaware of? Nope, none of the above!

I went there because the café was a happy, healthy situation. The owners, a lovely Turkish family, exuded pure love – not only for each other – but, for all their customers as well. They made you feel valued and appreciated, as though you were part of their family. Never mind how busy they were, when you walked into their café, you could always count on them greeting you by name and taking an interest in how you were doing.

Perhaps you are shaking your head at the moment thinking, “that’’s a long way for ‘just’ a potato!” Well, yes, perhaps it was a long way for a potato, but it wasn’t too out of the way to be in a healthy situation. You see, some of us aren’t always fortunate enough to have healthy situations at our doorstep. Sometimes, we need to make a bit of an effort. If we have to drive 20 miles to Starbucks or wherever, just so we can hang out and be around some happy, healthy people – than hey, so be it!

Time to get healthy and happy!

So, are you one of those unfortunate people that find yourself mired in toxic relationships and situations? If the answer is yes, then it may be time to make some adjustments in your life. Perhaps it’s time to consciously get a grip on “healthy” and pull yourself out of that toxic bog that you have become so accustomed to.

While you’’re on your quest for more “healthy”, make sure you don’’t get discouraged and definitely don’’t be too hard on yourself. Believe it or not, although many of us may be reluctant to admit it, we have all been there!

Take things slow, one step at a time. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you have permanent or temporary healthy relationships with people or you surround yourself with healthy situations. Healthy begets healthy period!

So what should you do now? Well, for starters, you can get off this computer and go about the task of bringing healthy into your life! Get out there and find those healthy people and situations that plug you in! Work on surrounding yourself with healthy, happy and shiny. Believe me, once you go healthy dude or dudette – you won’t ever turn back! P:)

World Peace, over and out!

kathleen xx

Warning: Surrounding yourself with healthy people and situations can be extremely addictive. Possible side-effects may include, but are not limited to feelings of bliss, contentment, delight, euphoria, happiness, joy, pleasure and an overall renewed sense of well-being.

The writer of this blog does not assume any liability should such side-effects occur.

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Toxic People: Clean up, clear out and get rid!


If you look up the word toxic in the oxford dictionary, you will find the following definition:

toxic – adjective

1. poisonous
2. relating to or caused by poison
3. very bad, unpleasant or harmful

The origin of the word toxic actually dates back to the mid-17th century medieval Latin toxicus, which meant poisoned.

Okay, so now that we’ve all had our quick vocabulary lesson for the day, what does it mean when you combine the term toxic in application to people? What and who are toxic people, and why should we be getting rid of them?

There are a bazillion different ways to describe the term toxic people. However, as I always like to keep things as simple as possible, let me say this:

A toxic person is anyone in your life who makes you feel anything less than who you are meant to be.

Hmm, what is she talking about this time? I am talking about people who make you feel bad about yourself, or who attempt to dim your light so to speak. Toxic people have a talent for undermining your self-esteem, making you feel incapable of doing what you came here to do. Their effect is that of crippling your energy and outlook. And often times, whether it’s intentional or not, they get in the way of you fulfilling your spiritual potential and obligation on this earth plane.

I am sure you have all heard of energy vampires right? Don’t laugh, you know those people I am talking about! Uh, can you say the ones who suck the life force out of you? Well, same thing goes for toxic people. In fact, they can be pretty much one in the same – synonymous if you like. If someone is toxic to you, then you can pretty much bet your life they are also draining your energy in some form or fashion. Likewise, if someone is undermining all your energy by exhausting you mentally or emotionally, you can pretty much count on that individual as being a toxin.

Perhaps as some of you are reading this, you already have a running list going through your head of some of those lovely toxic people in your life – perhaps not.  If you can’t think of potential toxins right off hand, then wow, lucky you! If you can think of some, and as you did stumble onto this blog somehow, perhaps it is time to do some cleaning up and clearing out! Got a mop, broom and dust bin?

Before you start loading up that dust bin, perhaps we should expand a little more on which people in your life merit a good clearing and cleaning out. It’s unfortunate, but toxic people are everywhere and they can come in all shapes and sizes. They are sneaky little buggers and can rear their ugly heads in the guise of friends, acquaintances, professional colleagues, partners, spouses, in-laws, extended relatives and yes – blood is not always thicker than water – immediate family members.

More than likely, I will probably get some backlash for including family members on my list. But hey, sometimes, and well let’s face it, most times, they can be the worst offenders. In addition to my own personal experience, I have counseled hundreds of people, everyone from young children to senior aged adults who have had “toxin issues” with family members. It can be difficult at first to admit that your very flesh and blood could be toxic to your well-being. However, if they need to be included on your list, then regrettably – so be it!

Are you still a little foggy on how to identify a toxin in your life? Not sure exactly who should go in that dust bin? Well, let me try to compile a little list for you of some of the types I have encountered on this earth plane. As you’re going down the list, see if anyone you know fits the description. If so, get ready to clean!

Typical types of toxic people: 101

1. Rain on your parade Rudolfs: – these people always manage to step on your dreams and make you feel incapable, incompetent and stupid for even “thinking” you might be able to succeed at such silly life goals and aspirations. Through their own wretched childhood conditioning, these people were taught that taking chances and doing anything out of the norm was unrealistic and foolish. Life for them was all about getting a “real” job and saving for a rainy day.

These people were discouraged early on. They never took any chances in their life and they are miserable, so why should you attempt to find happiness?

2. Jealous Jennifers: – these people can’t ever manage to be happy for you or anything you accomplish. They see everything as a competition. And since they haven’t accomplished what they want in their life, – well you can’t either! These people are also miserable, and unless they deal with their own issues – chances are they will always be incapable of feeling joy for you.

These people will most often be around when you aren’t doing very well in your life because what they perceive to be your failure will secretly make them feel superior. When you are doing well in your life and accomplishing things, they will often disappear. They can’t handle anyone having or doing more then they feel they are entitled to.

3. Critical Charlies: – these people are critical to a fault. They find something wrong with everything. It doesn’t matter what it is – they will find something wrong with it! These are the people that instead of reading this blog, and perhaps applying it to their own life, – they will be counting my grammar and punctuations errors. They will be thinking about how they could have done a better job writing this.

By their continuous criticisms of people and circumstances, these people are shouting out from the tower – I am and/or was criticized constantly, I don’t like myself and I need some positive reinforcement! Go ahead and waste your energy giving them positive reinforcement – your still going to get criticized!

4. Negative Nellies: – these people are mega draining. Nothing is ever good enough. The glass is always half empty for this special group. These people are unhappy and damn it, you’re going to be unhappy too! If you’re joyful and excited about some new situation, for the love of god man – don’t tell these people! You will quickly find yourself going from elated to deflated.

These types will have you sitting with them joining in their life stinks pity party. The world sucks, people suck, I suck and you suck! If you say it is a beautiful day, they are going to talk about the impending rain. Bad outweighs good so just get over it now! These people will find a way to make you constantly second guess your happiness, never allowing you to feel joy. A huge and resounding Get rid!

5. It’’s all about me Marvins: – oh my gosh, when you look up the word narcissistic in the dictionary you will find their picture – an 8×10 glossy to be exact! These people talk about themselves incessantly and they never even ask anything about you – they don’t care! They carry on through life as if no one else existed, it’s all about them baby! Don’t even attempt to say anything about yourself, they will quickly turn the conversation back to them. Believe me, they didn’t hear a word you said anyway so don’t bother!

These are the people who are always late when you meet them for an outing. When they finally do show up, don’t expect an apology – you won’t get one! They don’t care about your time, they don’t respect or care about you so deal with it! It’s the Marvin show and you’re just an audience member there only to applaud and adore them.

These people are selfish, disrespectful and insincere. If you want to be there for them, go ahead. But you’re going to have to get in line behind them first. They will always put their needs above everyone else without ever giving anything back. It’s a take-take situation for these people! (Wow, see what I mean? They even got an extra paragraph – it really is all about them!)

6. Insert your favorite toxic type here

The list of toxic types of people could go on forever and ever. It would probably take days in fact to list them all. There are so many;… the Bullying Buffys, Condescending Chucks, Exasperating Ellies, Judgmental Jims and the Sabotage Sallies to name a few more. They are all out there! It’s up to you however, to put a name to the toxic types that are having a harmful affect on your life. After a while, you may even find that many toxic types are a blend of toxins, making for a lovely toxic cocktail. Yummy! (Not!)

Like I said at the beginning, if your life is filled with loving and healthy relationships, then, lucky you! But if you have recognized some of the toxic types of people in your life – no matter how much you may or may not care about them, it may be time to let them go. Cleaning and clearing out the toxins in your life allow you to move forward with your life. Getting rid helps you to blossom into the unique and special soul that you came here to be. Filling up the dust bin also allows more space in your life for healthy people and situations to enter.

Analogy Alert! (Apologies in advance P:)

I would like to use a little analogy here. Pretend you and your life is a basket of fruit. The basket represents your life, and the fruit symbolizes what you fill your life with. (people, situations etc.) If you allow the basket to contain rotten fruit, eventually that rotten fruit will decompose over onto the fresh fruit, causing everything in your basket to decay. It won’t matter if you try to add fresh fruit to your basket, it will ultimately succumb to the rotten fruit and itself become putrid and foul. On the other hand, if you keep fresh fruit in your basket, you can add as much more fresh fruit as you like! Make sense?

Some of you reading this may be saying to yourself, “Gosh if I get rid of all the toxic people in my life, I will be alone.” Have no fear! As I said in my spirit guide blog, you have spirits around you all the time and they are there to help and support you. And although that may not give you an immediate sense of comfort, you can rest easy knowing that once you get rid of the bad fruit, you will begin to notice more and more the fresh fruit coming into your life.

Each and every one of us, no matter age, background, upbringing etc. deserve to be around people who plug us in and see our light for all that it is. We deserve to be around people who encourage, support and nurture us – people who see the best in us and want us to prosper in our spiritual lives. In short, we deserve to be seen!

So what next? Well go get your cleaning supplies and start making way for those healthy people to enter your life. You will be amazed at how quickly your life will transform and how much your energy will increase as you focus on cleaning up, clearing out and getting rid!

Happy cleaning,
kathleen xx

Ps. If you found yourself on the list of toxic people or have at any point in your life been a toxin to others, by all means forgive yourself, perhaps make a few apologies, move on, and in the future try to fill your basket with some fresher fruit as well! Shine on! P:)

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Spirit Guides: Let’s get acquainted!


When people come to me for any type of psychic work, no matter their age, gender, belief system or background, there is one question that is almost always asked of me. What is this question that seems to have so much universal appeal? Well, quite simply this, “Who is my spirit guide? Again, everyone, no matter who they are, seem to share in this desire to acquaint themselves and connect with their spirit guides.

Obviously, there is something very magical and comforting about the answer to this question of “Who is my spirit guide?” that seems to resonate with so many different people on so many different levels. And, in turn, causes this question to be asked continuously, time and time again. What is it about this idea of spirits being with us, that seems to bring humans from so many different backgrounds and perspectives together as one?

Although some are often shy and reluctant at first, again, as if by some type of divinely interwoven human clockwork, most people share remarkably similar stories with me. They express currently having, or having had at some point in their lives, the sensation of feeling some type of presence around them. Often, they believe the presence is that of a close loved one who has previously gone onto the spirit world and is watching over them, keeping them safe.

This awareness and faith that spirit beings are always with us – guiding, protecting and helping us move forward in our lives – often brings a great deal of comfort and peace. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, purpose or previous life conditioning people may have experienced, most often they doubt themselves and discount their own intuitions. Some individuals even begin to think they are losing the plot! This is usually where I come into the picture.

You see, every human being possess the God/Creator given gift of intuition and psychic ability. But, over time and unfortunately through some bizarre type of conditioning, many people – though perfectly capable – are afraid to tap into it. We have been taught that to hear voices or feel any type of supernatural presence is somehow a negative thing. Instead of just “rolling with it”, and trusting our own feelings and intuition, many of us look to psychics or mediums for acknowledgement and confirmation.

Let me give you an example:

About a month or so ago I was down in south Texas enjoying the gorgeous hill country and the brilliance of the bluebonnets and wildflowers. While there, forever being the explorer and always preferring the small towns to the big city, I found myself in a little historical town near San Antonio. While driving around in this cool little “off the beaten path” town and looking for some form of life, a small vintage shop caught my eye.

I went into the shop, and while browsing around began having one of my typical friendly chats with the shopkeeper. We were talking about everything under the sun when all of sudden she asked me what I did for a living. When I told her about being a psychic and medium, she immediately began telling me about an old friend who had long passed.

She had been feeling his presence around her a lot at that time and was frequently seeing many things that reminded her of him. And, like most other people that think they need confirmation through a psychic or medium, she began to ask me if I could see this person.

Okay, so, not really wanting to go into “instant psychic mode”, I told the shopkeeper where to contact me if she wanted to get together and have a consultation or proper reading done. I also told her something else. Although I didn’t answer her immediate question with a yes or no answer, I did impart something I felt was a bit more empowering and important for the long haul. (Um, not to mention a bit cheaper on her part!)

I basically stated:

“”If you think or feel a loved one is around you – then, almost always, they are! And unless you want to communicate with them for a specific message or messages, then quite simply put, you don’t need a psychic or a medium. Spirits are always with us, to help, heal and guide us in our lives”.”

While she listened intently to my response, her eyes grew quite wide. Although looking a bit surprised at first, her head began to shake slowly forward as she acknowledged my words. Suddenly an aura of comfort and peace came over her face. Without having to go into details, or a big mediumship session, she got the answer and the confirmation she needed. And my part in the equation was done! I finished browsing in her shop, said my farewells – then poof! I was off!

I took the time to share this little story with you for a reason. It illuminates the common preconceived ideas and misconceptions about communication with the spirit world – or your “spirit” guides if you will. The spirit world is intertwined with ours and the line between us and them is very fine indeed. As previously stated, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your personal belief system is, or that you doubt your ability to see, hear or feel them – you have spirits around you all the time!

Why are they around us? What do they want?

Well, the answer to that question can vary. Sometimes, a familiar loved one who has passed over from this life may be around to comfort you or be there for you as a friend, just as in this life. They know from their own previous experience in this life, that it “ain’t” always easy! And, sometimes you just need to have a loyal and familiar friend by your side.

Spirits as Mentors, Teachers and Guides

What are some other reasons a spirit might want to hang out and chill with us? One of the biggest and most significant reasons I have found to be, is that of “guiding and teaching”. They assume the role of mentor and assist us in fulfilling our obligations on this earth plane. They do their best to make sure we satisfy our unique spiritual journey and soul purpose.

These spiritual gurus and mentors can sometimes be familiar to us, but, many times they are not. It is these type of spirits that most people refer to when they talk about “working” with their spirit guides. It is also these very type of spirits that the majority of individuals are “hell-bent” on discovering. And, with a little help and empowerment from me – they usually do.

Sometimes people get really excited when I mention they have a historical figure as one of their spiritual guides. Fair enough, who doesn’t want to hold their head up high and proudly exclaim, “My guide is Crazy Horse!” or “My guide is Joan of Ark!” The sad part comes when I tell someone their guide is “Joe Schmoe” or “Jane Smith” and then disappointment quickly sets in on their face. Believe me when I say they probably aren’t half as disappointed as their spirit guide usually is with them at that moment. They have feelings too you know!

Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter who your guides are. It also doesn’t matter if you feel you resonate with them or you don’’t! They are specific to you and your individual spiritual journey. They all matter and they are all important, no matter how great or insignificant “you” may at first think they are. If a spirit comes to you to help guide you, believe me, they have a reason and it is up to you to figure it out!

Angels to Animals

There are many other type of spirits and spiritual guides that are available for humans to work with. These other spirit types – including everything from Angels to Animals – can also bring us great comfort, healing and peace. For today however, and with the intention to make things easy on you, let’s stick with the two spirit types I have mentioned. Hopefully, it will be enough to not only get the wheels spinning, but, also to let you know that no matter how lonely you may sometimes get – you are never alone in this world.

Let’s get communicating!

If after reading this, you should decide that you would like to try crossing the threshold and begin communicating more with your loved ones passed and guides present, there is something very important you should always remember:

First off, you have to believe! The more you believe, the more you will open yourself to experiencing the spirit world and those spirit beings that are around you. They are there, but it is up to you to believe they are there! Relax your mind, take a leap of faith, and voila! You will be amazed at how quickly the doors to other worlds will open, allowing you to walk right in.

Secondly, and plainly put, there is no limit to what, who or how guidance can come to you. We are being led everyday, all day. And, the messages can come in all types of shapes and sizes. Your friends in spirit can surprise you with messages sent in the forms of signs, billboards, symbols, things you see on television, a song you keep hearing on the radio, or perhaps even the checkout boy guy at the local grocery store who just happens to say something that resonates with you.

The possibilities are absolutely endless, so keep your eyes and heart open! There is no such thing as coincidence!

Peace, over and out!

kathleen xx

Here’s a little song to get you going:

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2012 part two: Just for the heck of it!


Having just assured you in the previous “2012: Wakey! Wakey!” blog that I believe in free will and the like, it probably isn’t very fitting for me to put down in writing or say what my thoughts are on predictions for the future. After all, wasn’t the whole premise of what I was banging on about in my last blog, “free will” and having the power within to make changes? Am I a hypocrite? What’s my deal?

My deal is simple. While I do definitely believe in free will and the power of positive thinking and energies, it is also my belief that “if” we don’t change ourselves and resonate to a higher vibration, “if” we stay on the same course we are on, then in 2012, and in the coming years you can pretty much expect the following things I am going to mention to happen.

What do I feel compelled and willing to share with you as far as 2012 predictive stuff? Well it’s pretty easy really. Again, you don’t have to be a psychic to figure it out. In fact one of the main things I teach and that I have learned through my spirit guides and teachers, is that you have to go within yourself to find the answers. You don’t need to rely on other people, books about spirituality or in this case a Psychic’s blog written by yours truly! PJ

So, even though I usually reserve these opinions and thoughts for my family and close friends, here I go with some general thoughts on what we can possibly expect. Let me premise this once again by saying, “if” we don’t make some drastic changes like yesterday both within ourselves and in the outside world, if we remain on our current course, then in 2012, and in the coming years you can pretty much expect the following things:

Expect more harsh and severe weather. More record breaking weather. Stronger winds, colder air, hotter air, increasingly violent storms, more floods, more fires, more earthquakes and well just more and bigger and better when it comes to anything weather. Also expect the death toll in these natural catastrophes and weather events to rise to numbers and tragedies never before seen in our lifetime.

The stock market will more than likely tank again. The world economy is in the process of purposely being collapsed. Can you say global economy and new world order? It is inevitable anyway, as the last time Uranus was in Aries was during the great depression and stock market crash. Look to the planets, look to history.

What should you invest in? Well that is difficult to say. However, I will say that it would be of great benefit for all of you to learn how to farm, grow plants and crops etc. hint, hint. It would also behoove you to know how to purify water and if possible stock up on bottled water. Believe it or not, food and water may very well become the “hot commodity”. Beyond that, gold or silver might be good — something that is tangible to barter or trade with — again, look to history! Paper means nothing! Get away from what I call “false wealth.”

Because of the factory farming practices, animal cloning and the “forced” use of genetically modified seeds, you will see more and more tainted food supplies and outbreaks of all different types of harmful bacteria. The food supply will suffer and prices of what is “actually” edible will skyrocket. You can see all of this happening already. Again, the information is out there — you just have to look!

Based on what Guipago has shared with me over the years, we are going back to the cowboy and Indian days and if you don’t know how to cultivate your own food source and survive in the elements, your going to be screwed. Your big giganotosaurus house and car, your ipods, flat screen televisions or your high powered jobs for that matter aren’t going to help you out with your hunger or thirst. Keep that in mind!

The current “chief” as I call him, of the United States will once again win the election. Well, to use the word “win” is kind of comical. But, to keep myself in check and not to disappoint anyone who is still under the grand illusion there is such a thing as a true democratic society, let us just say “win” to be politically correct. It has to be that way in order to “finish off” the states and bring it to its knees which has already been happening for years. (I hope I am wrong on this — but, we will see)

Let’s see. What else? I truly believe, well more “hope” actually that you will see a massive decline in the amount of people who use social networking. As people raise their vibrations and realize what is really going on with most of this technology stuff, the tracking and the intrusive personal privacy implications — they will begin to shy away from it. Also, on a more profound personal level, people will begin to realize that when all is said and done — they need actual human contact, not cyber buddies and false realities.

Uh, hmmm… anything else immediately coming to my mind? Err, vaccines? Nope, not for me! You can expect more rules, more regulations, more accountability to powers that be. You can expect more and more “monitoring” of the private citizen. It will become harder and harder to live “off the grid”. Expect more and more financial institutions to change to “cashless” financial institutions. Again, it all has to do with the big picture and the “controls” that are being put in place.

There were be an increase in suicides and erratic behavior firstly because as humans raise their vibration and stop with all self delusion about what is happening in the world it will be too much to bear. People who haven’t been working on increasing their vibration and going with the shift will be hit with a truth both about the world and about their part in the demise of planet earth that they won’t be able to handle. The erratic behavior will come about as when the shift continues people won’t understand, they won’t feel like themselves and emotions will be spewing out everywhere. You only have to take a gander at the current news to see this is already happening.

You will also notice drastic changes in some people’s behavior based on, well I hate to say this — but, I am going to… based on entities, dark forces and “other worldly” beings attaching themselves and jumping into people. Keep an eye out for extreme changes in personality, radical mood swings, and people not seeming like themselves (uh, basically because they aren’t!). Watch for anger, changes in demeanor and even noticeable changes in complexion and energy.

Hmm, I think that is all I am willing to share at the moment. I don’t remember who it was, perhaps Guipago. But, if you want to really know what is going to transpire in the coming years — look at history! If you really want to know what is going to happen in the future — then take a gander at the past! It is all very cyclical and the same things, although wearing a bit different of a mask, are happening. They are happening now and right before our eyes. Keep in mind though, we do have free will and the power resides within each of us to change our course. What do we have to do first? You already know the answer, we have to wakey, wakey!

Alrighty then! On that note, I think it is time to sign off. I apologize for taking such a horrendous amount of time since my Carlisle blog to write something. I also appreciate those of you who have taken the time to contact me personally, expressing your thoughts on some of my channeled works. Thank you! It is magnificent to know that some of you are actually reading my stories, and that some of my writing has brightened and illuminated your day. Cool! PJ

For those of you on your conscious path and wanting to increase your vibration, and, because of all of the current confusion in the world, I feel compelled to leave you with one final thought:

Beware of false prophets in your daily dealings and your search for spiritual truths. Remember, someone who is truly enlightened would never say, “I am enlightened.” Someone who is truly humble would never utter the phrase, “I am humble or I am humbled.” Someone who is authentic and real will not waste their time trying to convince you of their worthiness, nor will they wish you dependent upon them. They will encourage you to go within, depend upon yourself and find your own answers.

And on that note, I bid you a big adieu!

World Peace, Universal Love and a Higher Vibration!

kathleen xx

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2012: Wakey! Wakey!


I don’t know about you guys, but I remember the first time I heard about 2012. I was only about 12 years old and my home life back then was in a state of complete disarray and upheaval. My father had just retired from the military — the only life I had known up until that point, my parents were going through a divorce, and the only friend I really had, my best friend, suddenly passed away leaving me to fend for myself.

Always being a bit of an old soul and having been forced through experiences of my everyday life to be beyond my years in most things, needless to say — the atmosphere at that time for me, was a bit dismal and dark. I tried to cope the best I could, but alas, the pressures of the moment won out. And, although I probably shouldn’t say this, in an effort to escape what was then my grim reality, although extremely young — I was already beginning to experiment with “certain substances.”

It may be difficult for some of you to fathom that someone so young could find themselves smack dab in the middle of a major depression. But, there I was. I had already lived and traveled over half the world and within that experience, witnessed firsthand, extreme poverty, sexual abuse and exploitation, corruption, violence, victimization of innocent children and even animal cruelty. I saw the worst life had to offer and on top of that, when I finally did get a place to roost and call home, everything was a jumbled mess.

Enter 2012! Always hoping to find something more to life, my forever ongoing youthful search for spirituality led me to stumble upon the concept of 2012. In the midst of all my emotional confusion and my being completely disillusioned with the everyday task of living — here was yet another fly in the ointment of life. 2012! Oh joy!

Do any of you remember when or what was going on in your life when you first heard about 2012? My memory isn’t always the greatest, but I distinctly recall such worrying descriptions of the impending event such as, “end of the world” and “doomsday” to name a few. Basically, anything that smacked of gloom and doom seemed to be the order of the day when it came to predictions about 2012.

At the time, although slightly dismayed, I didn’t put too much stock into the whole 2012 thing. After all, considering everything that was going on around me, and the hopelessness of it all, I really didn’t think I would even be around for the whole 2012 thing. Apparently though, I must have managed to survive those days somehow, because thus, here I am! And, since you all are currently reading my words, apparently you made it through as well and thus, here we all are — 2012!

To put your mind temporarily at ease, the first thing I want to tell you, or should I say reassure you about, is that 2012 will definitely not be the end of the world. I have asked my guides previously, and they assure me this is so. What they did share with me, and in essence promise me, is the year 2019 will be the cutoff. What exactly do I mean by using the word cutoff? I will repeat to you verbatim the communication my gracious guides imparted to me many years ago. They simply and very eloquently stated, “2019 will be the end of life on this earth as we know it.” (See, I told you I would put your mind “temporarily” at ease!)

What does this mean, “the end of life as we know it?” Now as the reader, you guys are welcome to glean and speculate anything or anyway you can about what I just shared with you. Although the message for me is an extremely positive one, perhaps my guide’s little message didn’t give some of you much hope. The answers my friends, lie in your perception and interpretation, not to mention, in what we as human beings will be able to achieve vibration-wise in the next few years.

No doubt you probably want to know more about the significance of 2019, but for now and today, let’s stick with the matter at hand –2012. And, before you say anything, yes, I realize over the years there have already been numerous articles and hypothesis made about 2012. I am not really here to rehash everything that has been written or speculated upon as quite frankly, I am not trying to beat a dead horse. (Please excuse the analogy, I would never dream of intentionally hurting an animal, human or any other living thing for that matter!)

What I am intending in this article, with the help of some of my trusty guides and spirit companions, is to sum up what they have taught me over the years regarding the significance of 2012. And then, if the universal force be willing and of course if you are open to it — impart that information over to you! After that, it is up to you to do with the information what you will. Fair enough? Okay, fasten your seatbelts, here I go.

2012 in essence, is all about pulling your head out! I realize some of you are probably in shock right now reading my statement. My gosh, how could one who claims to be so spiritual use the term “pulling your head out?” Well, whilst I do consider myself spiritual and try to reflect that spirituality in my words, thoughts and deeds — let’s face it, I am human! I am a real life person and I attempt to be as real as possible. If your looking for flowery and fluffy, like many other “new-agey” types — then you got the wrong girl! On the other hand, if I do tell you in the course of a conversation to pull your head out — I always mean it in the most spiritual, kumbaya, for the greatest good and all that other fluff stuff way! PJ

You know I really wish I could remedy this attention deficit stuff I have going on. Where was I? Sorry! The whole issue with pulling your head out, is about being more attentive to what is going on not only internationally and throughout the world, but what is going on right in front of your own face. There are so many clues and answers right before your eyes. Believe me when I say, the information is there and you don’t have to be some amazing psychic to get it! You do however, have to, yes, here it comes… pull your head out!

Last year I asked one of my Native American Indian guides Guipago for his predictive contribution on the year 2011. While at that time he was happy to give me his input and wit, I asked him this time and he just looked at me and laughed. I knew what he meant. He meant, “what is the point?” After all, last year he did tell us that there were definitely problems, and to use his own analogy “a rock stuck in the horse’s foot.”

Unfortunately, humans choose to leave the rock and turn a blind eye in return for their own hedonistic and selfish reasons. God forbid anyone have to live without their 50inch HD television screen and their bloody electronic gizmos and gadgets! Guipago sees this ever prevailing lackadaisical attitude and laziness of humans and, well quite frankly — he is pissed off with it. He seems to believe that until the earth crumbles around, above and beneath them, humans won’t listen.

So why waste his time? He did however, take the time to mention his being frustrated that instead of listening to his words, some have tried or attempted to “summon” him for their own selfish reasons. I am not really sure who he is referring to, but, to those he is referring to, his message is: “Your guides will come when your ready, not before, not after — when you are truly ready to hear and abide unselfishly by their teachings. The spirit world is not yours to possess, own or manipulate. It is specific to specific persons and you cannot take, control or attempt to have what is not yours to encounter on this journey.”

Whew! That was pretty deep. Moving on. Yes folks, the information is all there right in front of you. You only have to look and open yourself to it.

Have you ever heard the term “raising your vibration?” Hopefully, you have. But for those who haven’t, let me give you a quick lesson. Everyone is psychic. We all possess a certain amount of psychic and intuitive ability. Some of us may be tapped into it a bit more than others — but, we all have it! Raising your vibration is all about utilizing your intuitive and psychic ability to see beyond the veil and experience the “bigger picture.”

Raising your vibration, seeing beyond the veil and of course my own little gem, “pulling your head out” are all synonymous. Basically what I am saying is, they are all one in the same — the same thing. Humans are all going through this “raising of vibration” at the moment. Unfortunately, some of us are fighting this shift and succumbing to the darker forces out there. The only way humanity and the world can exist and move forward in a positive way, is for each and every one of us to start embracing our intuition and use our “creator given” psychic awareness.

We have to begin to see the bigger scheme of things and only then, can we survive. How do you know when your vibration is raising? It is fairly easy. When you begin to understand that each and every one of us are connected — and that includes plants, animals and humans — you are raising your vibration. When you begin to realize that when any one of those living things are suffering, being mistreated, abused, manipulated or exploited, that every living thing is experiencing the same treatment, then my friend — you are raising your vibration.

All of my guides including Guipago, Tecumseh, Big Tree and even Jim Morrison have alluded to the same basic concept: We, Earth, Animals and Humans are all connected. There is absolutely no separation. And, how we treat each other is ultimately how we are treating ourselves. If we rape and pillage the land, cutting every tree and draining natural gas and oil — we are raping and pillaging ourselves. We have been destroying ourselves almost since the beginning of time and unfortunately, those few who have raised their vibration enough to understand this — are few and far between.

The Garden of Eden is not an abstract fantasy found only in the Bible. We are in fact, living in the Garden of Eden right at this moment. But, we have made an absolute mess of it! How is that for a dose of harsh reality? I have been told and shown time and time again through my guides that there is an extremely thin veil between different worlds and that heaven in fact is right here on Earth. We all need to come together — get it together — and help to heal the Earth, Animals and each other.

When you hear something on the news, question it! Question the hell out of it! Don’t be so quick to “drink the Kool-Aid” as they say. Everything you need is right there in front of you — just watch, observe, listen. Look at things as a puzzle and see how they all connect. I don’t have the time or would even want to go into details on a computer about my thoughts on specific governments, new world orders, laws, civil rights, police states, cashless societies, predetermined elections, frauds, global economies, poisoning through our food, evil pharmaceutical companies, problems with the media, UFO and Aliens, or human tracking devices.

Oh sorry there, did I just end my list with a blurb about human tracking devices? What I meant to say was “smart-phones”. PJ Anyway, I am sure judging by the little list I just gave you, and the use of your intuition, you can “get” what I am trying to say and where I am going with it. It is my hopes that you can and will read between the lines. In a nutshell, there is a hell of a lot of “crap” going on out there, and you only have to open your eyes to see it! You have had the ability all along — it is up to you all to tap into it!

We as a global society and unit have to unplug from the technology and get up, get out, and stand up for and often “against” what is going on and where we are heading. It is time for us to stop being lackadaisical “sheeple” and begin to be what was once our creator’s gift to us of being “people.” It is time for us to stop with all the selfish, self-absorbed me, me, me, and transcend to a higher vibration of we, we, we! It is time for us to lose the mentality of mine, mine, mine and start encompassing the broader view of acting in a manner that is for the higher good of everyone and all. (Which might I add here, includes all life — Plants, Animals, Oceans, Fish, Mountains, Earth etc. )

It is on this exact vein of thought that I would like to once again share a channeled message from Tecumseh, the amazing Indian who fought so hard to preserve his people’s way of life. He had the insight and intuition, even way back then, to see what was happening to the earth. Unfortunately, for all of our sake, he was right on time with his thoughts.

If you haven’t read this before on my Tecumseh blog, and/or even if you have, please take a minute to read his channeled message from a few years back. Try to allow yourself an open your mind and see if you can intuit and feel the urgency and truth contained within his message.

“Tecumseh’s Message”

“If humans continue to let a chosen few dictate — The world as we know it will soon be erased

Sun, Moon and Stars look down with tremendous sadness — hatred, waste and greed — battle cry of “me first madness”

See through the veil of these new political generations — for their tongues speak untruths — out to destroy every nation

Idleness and complacency must cease to exist — Mother Earth lay slowly dying — tumultuous ordeal no longer can she resist

The time is short — and the sands quickly falling — I give you one last thought — one final calling

Open your eyes and open your minds — look behind the grand illusion — see this one last final time

Remember there is strength and goodness in numbers — when humanity’s light prevails — Earth Mother soon can recover”

Pretty powerful message isn’t it? Any thoughts you would like to leave on the comments section about what Tecumseh had to say? We would all love to hear it!

For me the message of Tecumseh pretty much sums up everything I have been shown and taught through my spirit friends and guides. And, even though I have been shown otherwise by one very malevolent visitor who assured me the earth was on an algorithm and there was nothing we could do to change our course, I do believe in free will! I do believe that if we can, yes, wait for it… one more time… “pull our head out” and come together, that we can overcome the odds. But, we have to work fast and begin to do it like yesterday!

So, in this year of 2012, Let’s do our very best to get it together! It’s never too late! Let’s try to be the very best we can possibly be for all of our sakes, and for the sake of the future of the Planet. Let’s try to work together and “unscrew” everything we have screwed up so miserably! Let’s use this opportunity of what some think will manifest in gloom and doom, to consciously raise our vibration and start to turn things around. We can do it I know we can! Believe we can do it and we will! Happy 2012.

World Peace, Universal Love and a Higher Vibration!

kathleen xx

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