Tecumseh: A Message from Spirit

During the course of the past few years I have been in touch with loads of spirits. Many of these spirits come through for other people during my work as a medium and many come to me solely for my own personal reasons. Sometimes they come to help me with my own spiritual purpose and growth, sometimes they come just to have a chat, and sometimes they just come because — they can!

I initially wrote this story over a year ago and posted it on my Myspace page, so I have “tweaked it” just a bit as far as timing is concerned. You didn’t actually expect me to rewrite a whole new story did you?! Okay, here I go…:

About a year or so ago, I began having some incredibly intense visits from the spirits or energies of some very important and historical people. Most of these people, I had never even heard of before, so their coming to me is both a great honor and educational experience.

I am normally not one to open myself up to public scrutiny by putting things in writing, however, it is the intensity and increasing frequency of these visits that have compelled me to share some of their powerful and poignant messages. I feel that even if just one person reading these passages “gets it”, than I have paid respect and homage to these spirits.

I am going to start with one of my most recent visits and work my way backwards — well that is the plan anyway. My next adventure is going to be with an amazing mystic who, in my opinion, was way ahead of his time — none other than Mr. Jim Morrison. (And yes… I have heard of him!)

In the wee hours of April 17, I was woken up to find a Native American Indian in my room. I am very ashamed to say that my knowledge of Native American Indians is severely lacking, in fact my knowledge of any history full stop is severely deficient. Although I didn’t pay attention much in school, it has actually worked out to my advantage as I have been getting a “psychic education” through spirits — yeah I know, a bit bizarre — but totally true!

When spirits come to me they usually give me hints or clues so that I can figure out who they are. But in this case, “Tecumseh” made himself very clearly known by giving me his name and significant details.

Though I had never heard of Tecumseh before, I quickly learned the basic facts about him. He was a famous Native American leader of the Shawnee, who apparently tried to rally all of the other Native American tribes together in effort to defend their land from being taken by the government. I am not really here to give you a history lesson, as I myself am still learning who he was historically — but hopefully I might peak your interest to do your own further research.

What I did learn from Tecumseh himself, was a beautiful insight into his incredible essence and a rare and special glimpse into his spiritual purpose on earth. The following passage is a direct result of our visits and conversations — a poem I felt compelled to write/channel for him and a very important message for humanity from Tecumseh himself.

“Shooting Star”

Tecumseh my soul mate and friend

You were a Hero until the bitter end

Fighting for precious humanitarian ideals

You never once did surrender your will

Giving your last breath in service of others

You were and are everyone’’s dearest brother

Still standing strong and purposeful in spirit

You gave me a message — everyone should hear it

“Tecumseh’’s Channeled Message”:

“If humans continue to let a chosen few dictate — The world as we know it will soon be erased

Sun, Moon and Stars look down with tremendous sadness — hatred, waste and greed — battle cry of “me first madness”

See through the veil of these new political generations — for their tongues speak untruths — out to destroy every nation

Idleness and complacency must cease to exist — Mother Earth lay slowly dying — tumultuous ordeal no longer can she resist

The time is short — and the sands quickly falling — I give you one last thought — one final calling

Open your eyes and open your minds — look behind the grand illusion — see this one last final time

Remember there is strength and goodness in numbers — when humanity’’s light prevails — Earth Mother soon can recover”

© 2010 by Kathleen A. McCoy.
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Kathleen A. McCoy.


2 Responses to Tecumseh

  1. C.T. Shooting Star (author) says:

    Tecumseh’s message to you is exactly what I would have expected, word for word. He was being very specific about false prophets when he mentioned “new political generations.” In the spirit world, there is no question that there is a urgency to help mortals create a balance between the material and the spiritual because the spirits understand our connections with the Earth Mother. Tecumseh is saying, if we choose to continue along the material path of being ” successful,” without spiritual evolution or bringing more light to humanity, it will be at the expensive of all the other living forms on our planet which we are totally responsible for.

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi C.T.,

      Well said! Thank you for leaving your comment and interpretation – I appreciate it. And hopefully others will read your words. All the best to you and your loved ones, kathleen

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