Spirit Guides: Let’s get acquainted!


When people come to me for any type of psychic work, no matter their age, gender, belief system or background, there is one question that is almost always asked of me. What is this question that seems to have so much universal appeal? Well, quite simply this, “Who is my spirit guide? Again, everyone, no matter who they are, seem to share in this desire to acquaint themselves and connect with their spirit guides.

Obviously, there is something very magical and comforting about the answer to this question of “Who is my spirit guide?” that seems to resonate with so many different people on so many different levels. And, in turn, causes this question to be asked continuously, time and time again. What is it about this idea of spirits being with us, that seems to bring humans from so many different backgrounds and perspectives together as one?

Although some are often shy and reluctant at first, again, as if by some type of divinely interwoven human clockwork, most people share remarkably similar stories with me. They express currently having, or having had at some point in their lives, the sensation of feeling some type of presence around them. Often, they believe the presence is that of a close loved one who has previously gone onto the spirit world and is watching over them, keeping them safe.

This awareness and faith that spirit beings are always with us – guiding, protecting and helping us move forward in our lives – often brings a great deal of comfort and peace. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, purpose or previous life conditioning people may have experienced, most often they doubt themselves and discount their own intuitions. Some individuals even begin to think they are losing the plot! This is usually where I come into the picture.

You see, every human being possess the God/Creator given gift of intuition and psychic ability. But, over time and unfortunately through some bizarre type of conditioning, many people – though perfectly capable – are afraid to tap into it. We have been taught that to hear voices or feel any type of supernatural presence is somehow a negative thing. Instead of just “rolling with it”, and trusting our own feelings and intuition, many of us look to psychics or mediums for acknowledgement and confirmation.

Let me give you an example:

About a month or so ago I was down in south Texas enjoying the gorgeous hill country and the brilliance of the bluebonnets and wildflowers. While there, forever being the explorer and always preferring the small towns to the big city, I found myself in a little historical town near San Antonio. While driving around in this cool little “off the beaten path” town and looking for some form of life, a small vintage shop caught my eye.

I went into the shop, and while browsing around began having one of my typical friendly chats with the shopkeeper. We were talking about everything under the sun when all of sudden she asked me what I did for a living. When I told her about being a psychic and medium, she immediately began telling me about an old friend who had long passed.

She had been feeling his presence around her a lot at that time and was frequently seeing many things that reminded her of him. And, like most other people that think they need confirmation through a psychic or medium, she began to ask me if I could see this person.

Okay, so, not really wanting to go into “instant psychic mode”, I told the shopkeeper where to contact me if she wanted to get together and have a consultation or proper reading done. I also told her something else. Although I didn’t answer her immediate question with a yes or no answer, I did impart something I felt was a bit more empowering and important for the long haul. (Um, not to mention a bit cheaper on her part!)

I basically stated:

“”If you think or feel a loved one is around you – then, almost always, they are! And unless you want to communicate with them for a specific message or messages, then quite simply put, you don’t need a psychic or a medium. Spirits are always with us, to help, heal and guide us in our lives”.”

While she listened intently to my response, her eyes grew quite wide. Although looking a bit surprised at first, her head began to shake slowly forward as she acknowledged my words. Suddenly an aura of comfort and peace came over her face. Without having to go into details, or a big mediumship session, she got the answer and the confirmation she needed. And my part in the equation was done! I finished browsing in her shop, said my farewells – then poof! I was off!

I took the time to share this little story with you for a reason. It illuminates the common preconceived ideas and misconceptions about communication with the spirit world – or your “spirit” guides if you will. The spirit world is intertwined with ours and the line between us and them is very fine indeed. As previously stated, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your personal belief system is, or that you doubt your ability to see, hear or feel them – you have spirits around you all the time!

Why are they around us? What do they want?

Well, the answer to that question can vary. Sometimes, a familiar loved one who has passed over from this life may be around to comfort you or be there for you as a friend, just as in this life. They know from their own previous experience in this life, that it “ain’t” always easy! And, sometimes you just need to have a loyal and familiar friend by your side.

Spirits as Mentors, Teachers and Guides

What are some other reasons a spirit might want to hang out and chill with us? One of the biggest and most significant reasons I have found to be, is that of “guiding and teaching”. They assume the role of mentor and assist us in fulfilling our obligations on this earth plane. They do their best to make sure we satisfy our unique spiritual journey and soul purpose.

These spiritual gurus and mentors can sometimes be familiar to us, but, many times they are not. It is these type of spirits that most people refer to when they talk about “working” with their spirit guides. It is also these very type of spirits that the majority of individuals are “hell-bent” on discovering. And, with a little help and empowerment from me – they usually do.

Sometimes people get really excited when I mention they have a historical figure as one of their spiritual guides. Fair enough, who doesn’t want to hold their head up high and proudly exclaim, “My guide is Crazy Horse!” or “My guide is Joan of Ark!” The sad part comes when I tell someone their guide is “Joe Schmoe” or “Jane Smith” and then disappointment quickly sets in on their face. Believe me when I say they probably aren’t half as disappointed as their spirit guide usually is with them at that moment. They have feelings too you know!

Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter who your guides are. It also doesn’t matter if you feel you resonate with them or you don’’t! They are specific to you and your individual spiritual journey. They all matter and they are all important, no matter how great or insignificant “you” may at first think they are. If a spirit comes to you to help guide you, believe me, they have a reason and it is up to you to figure it out!

Angels to Animals

There are many other type of spirits and spiritual guides that are available for humans to work with. These other spirit types – including everything from Angels to Animals – can also bring us great comfort, healing and peace. For today however, and with the intention to make things easy on you, let’s stick with the two spirit types I have mentioned. Hopefully, it will be enough to not only get the wheels spinning, but, also to let you know that no matter how lonely you may sometimes get – you are never alone in this world.

Let’s get communicating!

If after reading this, you should decide that you would like to try crossing the threshold and begin communicating more with your loved ones passed and guides present, there is something very important you should always remember:

First off, you have to believe! The more you believe, the more you will open yourself to experiencing the spirit world and those spirit beings that are around you. They are there, but it is up to you to believe they are there! Relax your mind, take a leap of faith, and voila! You will be amazed at how quickly the doors to other worlds will open, allowing you to walk right in.

Secondly, and plainly put, there is no limit to what, who or how guidance can come to you. We are being led everyday, all day. And, the messages can come in all types of shapes and sizes. Your friends in spirit can surprise you with messages sent in the forms of signs, billboards, symbols, things you see on television, a song you keep hearing on the radio, or perhaps even the checkout boy guy at the local grocery store who just happens to say something that resonates with you.

The possibilities are absolutely endless, so keep your eyes and heart open! There is no such thing as coincidence!

Peace, over and out!

kathleen xx

Here’s a little song to get you going:

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I am a Professional Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) and an Intuitive Healer. Apparently, I am also a very part-time blogger! I teach holistic workshops on intuitive tarot reading and healing for both humans and animals. I believe that all life - plants, animals and humans - are divinely connected and act as one organism. When any part of that organism is damaged or suffering - then all of us are damaged and suffering. So, when we take time to heal ourselves and be our best possible authentic selves - we ultimately heal the entire World. To learn more, please visit my websites listed in the links section to the right.
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2 Responses to Spirit Guides: Let’s get acquainted!

  1. lisa says:

    What a comforting and uplifting story…it validates some of the feelings I have had. Thanks for writing!

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Lisa:
      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. I am really glad you found some comfort and validation for your feelings somewhere within my words. We truly are never alone.
      So…stay open, look for signs, and most important — trust your gut!
      Keep believing,
      kathleen xx

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