Healthy People: How to recognize them and attract more into your life


Last month we talked about toxic people and why it’’s advantageous to get them out of our lives. How about this time we change gears a bit and talk about something a bit more positive and upbeat? That’’s right! I am talking about healthy people – the ones who are a bit more beneficial to our everyday lives and help us in fulfilling our spiritual purpose.

Like toxic people, healthy people also come in all shapes and sizes. However, unlike toxic people – they aren’t really sneaky little buggers. Quite the contrary! Healthy people emit a brilliant light, and much like a lighthouse beacon, can be seen for miles. They can be easily recognized not only by their wonderful energy and auras, but, by the way they make you feel.

Generally speaking, healthy people will give you a sense of being built up, not torn down. They will give you a sense that nothing about you – not even your quirky mannerisms or those far-out thoughts you normally keep to yourself – are too silly or off limits. These delightfully healthy and happy people plug you in, so that you too can shine and be the soul you came here to be.

Hmm, that sounds easy enough right? Well, hold on just a minute. Although healthy people are fairly easy to recognize by their radiant energy and aura, there can be one slight drawback for us. If we are in an unhealthy place at the moment ourselves, we may have a difficult time recognizing their sparkle. So what can we do? How do we get better at recognizing these people and bringing more of them into our lives?

No worries! If you find yourself feeling uplifted, energized and enjoy being around someone – chances are, they may be a healthy person. However, if you’’re not sure, ask yourself some of the following questions:

Does this person take an eager interest in who I am as a person?

Do they value me as a fellow human being, appreciating me as a unique individual soul?

Do they look beyond the superficial trivialities of life such as what I do for a living, my financial portfolio or how many “things” I may or may not have acquired in my lifetime?

Does there seem to be an equal exchange of energy in all of our interactions?

Do they have good intentions and have my best interest at heart?

Most importantly, are they respectful and sincere?

If you answered yes to the above questions, and unless the person under consideration is a brilliant con-artist, then yahoo! You’ve got yourself a genuine healthy friend, acquaintance, relationship etc!

What’s next?

Okay, so now we know the basic characteristics and qualities of a healthy person. But, how do we go about attracting more of these people into our lives and where do we look for them? Well, if you read my last blog, you know that  first and foremost we have to clear out some of those toxic people, so the healthy ones have space to enter our lives.

The second thing is to make sure that we ourselves are working on our own “being healthy” issues and that we are not still exuding toxic fumes. As we all know, depending on the circumstances at any given moment in our lives, sometimes that is easier said than done! Some of us may never be completely toxin free, but we have to keep trying. Remember, a healthy person isn’t going to stay around us very long if they perceive us as a toxin.

Number three? Don’t limit your thinking about finding healthy people. Healthy people are everywhere and they can enter our lives at any given moment, and for any length of time. You don’t always have to have brilliant everlasting healthy friendships or relationships to sustain yourself either. It’’s wonderful to have them, but if you don’t – look elsewhere for your healthy fix.

Surrounding yourself with healthy everyday situations can work just as well until you acquire some of those closer, more permanent relationships you desire and dream about. Let me ask you something: Do you frequent businesses where the employees are always rude and treat you like crap? Or, do you go to the business where the employees are always friendly and treat you like a human being? I don’t know about you guys, but I will always pick the latter of the two choices!

Okay, this might be a good place for me to insert another one of my infamous little example stories. (You knew I had to get one in there somewhere!) So, here it goes:

When I lived in London, sometimes I used to get on a bus, take a tube and then walk a mile just so I could go to this little café in southeast London. The café itself was pretty nondescript. In fact, all I ever ordered was a jacket potato (baked). The potato itself, although good, really was not particularly memorable either. Baked beans, cheese, a side of grilled mushrooms – and that’’s it. Pretty boring aye?

So why did I go out of my way to go there? What would possibly possess a person to travel over an hour, taking a bus, a tube and on foot, just for a potato? Were they magic potatoes? Better yet, were they secretly serving me magic mushrooms and I had some type of addiction I was unaware of? Nope, none of the above!

I went there because the café was a happy, healthy situation. The owners, a lovely Turkish family, exuded pure love – not only for each other – but, for all their customers as well. They made you feel valued and appreciated, as though you were part of their family. Never mind how busy they were, when you walked into their café, you could always count on them greeting you by name and taking an interest in how you were doing.

Perhaps you are shaking your head at the moment thinking, “that’’s a long way for ‘just’ a potato!” Well, yes, perhaps it was a long way for a potato, but it wasn’t too out of the way to be in a healthy situation. You see, some of us aren’t always fortunate enough to have healthy situations at our doorstep. Sometimes, we need to make a bit of an effort. If we have to drive 20 miles to Starbucks or wherever, just so we can hang out and be around some happy, healthy people – than hey, so be it!

Time to get healthy and happy!

So, are you one of those unfortunate people that find yourself mired in toxic relationships and situations? If the answer is yes, then it may be time to make some adjustments in your life. Perhaps it’s time to consciously get a grip on “healthy” and pull yourself out of that toxic bog that you have become so accustomed to.

While you’’re on your quest for more “healthy”, make sure you don’’t get discouraged and definitely don’’t be too hard on yourself. Believe it or not, although many of us may be reluctant to admit it, we have all been there!

Take things slow, one step at a time. Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you have permanent or temporary healthy relationships with people or you surround yourself with healthy situations. Healthy begets healthy period!

So what should you do now? Well, for starters, you can get off this computer and go about the task of bringing healthy into your life! Get out there and find those healthy people and situations that plug you in! Work on surrounding yourself with healthy, happy and shiny. Believe me, once you go healthy dude or dudette – you won’t ever turn back! P:)

World Peace, over and out!

kathleen xx

Warning: Surrounding yourself with healthy people and situations can be extremely addictive. Possible side-effects may include, but are not limited to feelings of bliss, contentment, delight, euphoria, happiness, joy, pleasure and an overall renewed sense of well-being.

The writer of this blog does not assume any liability should such side-effects occur.

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I am a Professional Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) and an Intuitive Healer. Apparently, I am also a very part-time blogger! I teach holistic workshops on intuitive tarot reading and healing for both humans and animals. I believe that all life - plants, animals and humans - are divinely connected and act as one organism. When any part of that organism is damaged or suffering - then all of us are damaged and suffering. So, when we take time to heal ourselves and be our best possible authentic selves - we ultimately heal the entire World. To learn more, please visit my websites listed in the links section to the right.
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